Would You Go on This Adults-Only Cruise for Some R&R?

A company called The Couples Cruise offers adults the chance to go on a voyage from California to Mexico that comes with all the grownup entertainment you could want.

Husband and wife team Bob and Tess Hannaford, have been helping couples plan risqué getaways for almost two decades. Bob, who is the president of the company, says that the L.A. cruise launched in 2004 and nearly 1,000 couples embark on the trip every year.

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"Couples have told us that our Couples Cruises rekindle their passions," Bob told Men's Health. "They come off the cruise feeling more in love and more connected than they were when they boarded."

The Couples Cruise offers several entertainment options that you won't find on your typical cruise ship. For example, the cruise has a Tantra Center.

"Our Tantra Center is beautiful, sensual and inviting," Hannaford said. "We bring in a lot of amazing teachers and instructors to help couples learn and bond with each other."

The cruise also has NSFW parties. One such event is the Mardi Gras Theme Party in which passengers can rock a masquerade mask sans clothing.

Another place where clothes aren't needed is the clothing-optional pool decks. It is worth noting, however, that passengers are required to get a room before getting physical with one another.

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"Our cruises are not sex cruises," Bob Hannaford says. "They are sexy cruises."


The Couples Cruise also has a place called the "Perfect Playroom." Passengers can show up to a massive room filled with beds and plush couches where they can enjoy each other's company in semi-privacy or choose to leave the curtains open.

Lastly, the cruise offers "Naked Speed Dating." Passengers are invited to ditch their threads and meet like-minded couples in an intimate setting.