Is This Condom Wrapper Given out to College Students Promoting Sexual Assault?

At first glance, this cute condom wrapper's message takes a seriously dark — and illegal — turn.

A Reddit user recently shared a photo of a condom that was handed out on a college campus for a "safe sex campaign." The wrapper donned a pink sprinkled donut and the words "Go further without consent."

The donut in the design was meant to be read as a pun for "do not," but judging by the online thread's more than one thousand comments, lots of people didn't get the seemingly-clever (but tone deaf) joke.

(Photo: Say It With a Condom)

"It took me a minute to actually get that the donut was supposed to be part of the sentence, but even after the pun clicked, I just have so many more questions about the brainstorming process behind this," one user wrote. "How did they arrive at this final product? It's so, so terrible that it's utterly fascinating. "

Another added, "Because we all know that the more obscure that message is the better!"

The condom in question is sold by Say It With a Condom as part of its "Consent Condoms" collection. The company's customized products are designed to "start a conversation about how to ask for consent before engaging in any sexual activity," according to the website.

Since receiving backlash online, the "donut" design has been removed from their online store.

"We went through our normal checks and balances with this design. Whenever we create a new campaign we send it out to universities and domestic violence shelters for feedback and we didn't receive any negative feedback," CEO and founder Benjamin Sherman tells Us Weekly. "If we're not given the green light, we redesign or just choose a different tagline."

After the fiasco, Sherman says the company realizes the message's serious flaw: "We were like, 'Wow, you know this could really be interpreted as promoting nonconsensual sex.'"

Moving forward, he says the company plans to use social media to get opinions on future designs before sending them for mass production.


Other phrases in the Consent Condoms collection include "Consent is hot, assault is not," "You [mustache] for my consent" and "I am [nuts] for consent."


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