5 Best Apps That Track Your Fertility

The moment you decide you want to start a family, your life changes. You begin thinking as "we" instead of "I" and suddenly everything in life becomes more precious than it was before. The fact that getting pregnant can be difficult seems unfair, but then you remember that technology has come a long way since our mothers went through this phase of life. It seems as if there's just about an app for everything these days, and that doesn't exclude fertility tracking! No longer do you have to rely on the guesswork of natural family planning or expensive doctor's visits whenever you need a quick word of advice. Check out these apps that help track your fertility!

Natural Cycles: Natural Cycles uses your body temperature, your LH hormone measurement and other data (like if you've noticed spotting, or if you've had intercourse) to display your fertility status. For more info, check it out here!

natural cycles app

Glow: This app is similar to Natural Cycles in that it tracks your ovulation cycle, but it also suggests when you should try to conceive to maximize your chances. To learn more, click here.

glow app

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Maybe Baby: Maybe Baby gives you the chance to use the app like an ovulation diary, period tracker, menstrual calendar, and even says that it can help predict the sex of your baby. To learn more, click here.

maybe baby app

Kindara Fertility: This ovulation calculator uses your basal temperature and period calendar to tell you when you're most likely to conceive. You can also pull up your chart in a full PDF to send with your doctor, or anyone you like. Check it out here.

kindara fertility app

e.p.t. Ovulation Calculator: From the makers of the trusted pregnancy test comes a fertility app that gives you stress tips, tracks your cycle, suggests days to get down to business and even tells you when you're most fertile three months out. For more information about the EPT Ovulation Calculator, click here.

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