Zooey Deschanel and 'Property Brothers' Star Jonathan Scott Celebrate Her Birthday With '80s Flashback Party

New Girl star Zooey Deschanel turned the clock back to the 1980s for her 40th birthday party, where she was joined by her boyfriend, Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott and his family. The family even made a hilarious music video, shared by Linda Phan, wife of Scott's twin brother, Drew Scott. Deschanel turned 40 on Friday.

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Phan shared a photo of the Scott family and Deschanel wearing outrageous, brightly-colored '80s inspired outfits and wigs. In the video she included, the family showed off their outfits with funny runway moves.

"HBD to the ZD," Phan wrote. "Hooray for daily confetti, peewee and hair tease (Also, swipe to see how we do the 80s)."

"My heart hurts this is so good," Scott's older brother J.D. Scott, who missed the party, commented.

Drew showed off better photos of the outfits he and Phan wore to the party, adding a hilarious caption.

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"Thanks to Zooey for being born in the 80s!" Drew wrote. "To mom and dad for setting the bar high. To [J.D.'s wife Annalee Belle] for making our hair big and spandex extra tight and to Jonathan and a Emily for putting it all together. And to my dance partner for life. ... I now need a chiro session."

Drew also shared a photo of the Scotts' parents wearing their '80s spandex.

Back on Friday, Scott shared a photo of Deschanel wearing a pink spotted dress and a carrying a pink balloon. "Happy Birthday to the beautiful human who brought joy & laughter back into my life," he added.

Deschanel also shared a post on Friday to mark her birthday.

"Today I am celebrating 40 years of being on this planet!" Deschanel wrote. "Life is wonderful and I am so grateful for all the amazing people in mine. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, my heart is full."

Deschanel and Scott started dating in October, a month after Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik announced their split.

"This is somebody who I absolutely love and adore inside," Scott told Tamron Hall about their relationship earlier this month. "And it's the first time... I've never been in a - cause I'm a romantic guy, I love doing romantic, creative things - it's the very first time I've ever been in a relationship where somebody returns that to me."

Scott said the relationship was "very, very unexpected," but he is now excited to be part of a blended family.


"It was exciting for me to realize that all of a sudden I'm on this new path with somebody who... I know she's an amazing mother, she has two beautiful kids," he explained. "And so I think, for me, all of a sudden I’m like, 'Wow, I don't have to go this road alone."

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