Whoopi Goldberg Starts Tuesday's 'The View' Episode With 'Cleanup' From Meghan McCain Tiff: 'Everybody Just Calm Down'

Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain are cleaning up some of the drama from Monday's episode of The View after Goldberg told her co-host to "stop talking" amid a heated discussion of the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. As Tuesday's episode of the ABC talk show opened, the two women made sure to let viewers know there was no bad blood from the tiff.

"We're just gonna do a little cleanup before we do anything. Things get heated on this show ... we're really passionate," Goldberg said. "This is our job ... sometimes we're not as polite to each other as we could be. That's just the way it is, but you're going to be dealing with the same thing when you sit around the table with your family and you don't agree."

"This is part of what we do," she continued. "This is not an indication that women can't sit together and talk. This is not an indication that we don't know how to deal with each other on camera. This is happening in real time."

She concluded, "Don't assume that we were over here with butcher knives under the table. It doesn't work that way. This is our gig. Sometimes it doesn't go off the rails, and sometimes it does."

McCain added that she and Goldberg are close, and that any heated words between the two are not an indication of underlying hatred. "I love you very much," she told her co-host. "I've loved you for a long time ... We fight like we're family."

She ended with a message to viewers, reassuring, "It's all good. We're not tearing each other apart. Calm down all of you, it's all good."

Things got tense with The View co-hosts in Monday's episode when Goldberg tried to lead out to commercial while McCain and Sunny Hostin were disagreeing over ongoing impeachment proceedings.

"Do you want to hear a conservative perspective on the show ever?" McCain asked Goldberg, who responded, "Girl, please stop talking. Please stop talking right now."

"No problem. I won't talk for the rest of the show," McCain responded, to which Goldberg replied,"I'm okay with that, if you're going to behave like this."

"I'm not behaving like anything," McCain snapped back. "I'm trying to show conservative perspective."


Goldberg then ended the back and forth, cutting to commercial after saying, "What you're doing is ... we're not doing anything, how bout this, we'll be right back!"

Photo credit: ABC/Lou Rocco