'Welcome to Plathville': Mom Kim Puts Her Past to Use in Kids' 'Well-Rounded' Education in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Kim Plath is putting her past as a ballet dancer to use to promote a "well-rounded education" in her younger children after being confronted by son Micah, 18, and daughter Moriah, 17, about their lack of preparation for the outside world. In a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new episode of Welcome to Plathville, Kim takes her home schooling to another level with a ballet class for daughters Amber, 11, Cassia, 9, and Marcy, 7.

"We've been practicing ballet for about like a month. And we do it whenever we can," Amber tells the camera as Kim instructs the girls on a floor exercise. "For ballet, I wear like something that kind of looks like a swimsuit," Mercy sweetly says, "but it's not, of course not." After Cassia chimes in what the girls are wearing is in fact a "ballet suit," she gushes over how "nice" it is to have a mother who can teach their ballet class.

"I studied ballet in college, and by my fourth year of college I was dancing on pointe in a local ballet company," Kim elaborates of her qualifications. While the class may be a family affair at home, Kim tries to structure the instruction like a real ballet lesson: "They're expected to listen and participate and not just get crazy and run around and whatever," Kim shares. "My goal is to teach them the best that I can about everything in life."

Kim and Barry's syllabus for their children has come into question lately, with Moriah and Micah struggling to make ends meet without a high school diploma as they pursue their dreams of entering the music and modeling industries, respectively. The two confronted their parents earlier this season about the lack of traditional education, begging them to do better for their younger siblings, but Kim thinks it's clear her at-home instruction is more than adequate.

"I know that some of the older children complain about their education, or lack of — I just hope that at some point, they'll be able to see that we have tried really hard to give them a well-rounded education," she says. "We've taught all of them piano, how to read music, most of them have had voice lessons, and I'm really glad."


The musical education has been particularly helpful for Moriah, Kim points out. "I'm really happy that Moriah is kind of taking [music] and running with it," she adds. "I mean, I see her in many ways just having an amazing music career ahead of her. And that just really makes me happy." Welcome to Plathville airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. For more on the Plath family from PopCulture, click here