'Undercover Billionaire': See Monique Idlett‐Mosley Reveal Her True Identity to Her Team in an Exclusive Finale Sneak Peek

The time has come for music mogul Monique Idlett‐Mosley to come clean with her true identity to all the people who have helped her turn her idea for a business that delivers healthy juices and fresh food alternatives to the food deserts to Tacoma, Washington into a reality. After 90 days trying to build a $1 million business from the ground up without the benefit of her name, fortune or connections, Idlett‐Mosley's Undercover Billionaire experiment has come to an end, and it's time for her to reveal everything that's been happening under the surface with the people who believed in her most along the way.

Meeting with the Rooted team in a PopCulture exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday's finale, streaming on discovery+, Idlett‐Mosley gets confused looks from around the room as she gets emotional telling them she's ready to come clean about who she truly is. "I was the first woman and the youngest executive at USA Today," she begins as jaws drop around the room. "That's how I started my career when I met my now ex-husband, he and I built one of the more successful music labels that's still around. ... I was the executive producer and the fashion consultant for Empire for three seasons."

Listing off her resume, John Gore, the owner of local business All City Ice Cream, chimes in from the back, "I knew there was something extra special about you, I knew it!" Idlett‐Mosley continues that beginning Rooted with such a diverse and inclusive team has always been her goal, which is why she decided to take on the challenge started by Glenn Stearns in the first place.

Explaining the constraints she was facing in using her own identity and fortune, the Always Believing Foundation founder shared, "I didn't give up because you all supported me. I want women and in particular people of color to know that we're valuable, our ideas are valuable and you all truly, truly gave me that opportunity."

Thanking everyone for putting their hearts, ideas and wallets towards the idea of Rooted, Idlett‐Mosley assures the team, "I want everyone to know this though — who I am, who you all know, that's just who I am. The only thing that's not me is the name I gave you all. ...Rooted is real." The season finale of Undercover Billionaire streams Wednesday, April 14 on discovery+. The series will return to Discovery on Tuesday, April 27 at 9 p.m. ET.