'Total Bellas': Brie Bella Says Newly-Single Sister Nikki Is Having a 'Midlife Crisis'

Nikki Bella might be living it up as a single lady following her split from John Cena, but the WWE Superstar's twin thinks she might be having a bit of a "midlife crisis."

In Sunday's all-new episode of Total Bellas, Nikki was flexing her high-roller muscles a little bit as she was still reeling from moving out of the home she shared with Cena for six years.

Picking her sister up in a Ferrari she was test driving, Brie was shocked to hear her twin was actually considering purchasing the flashy car.

"I think my sister might be having a midlife crisis," she told the cameras, asking her sister if she felt "embarrassed" driving it around town.

"It just seems like guys go out and buy a fancy car when they go through a big break-up, or they get a hot young girlfriend, or they do something crazy," Brie continued. "I feel like you're acting like a man."

"Oh, and a woman can't do that?" Nikki fired back. "I wanna go puff on cigars, play 18 holes of golf and have some 25-year-old meet me for dinner and buy him some things."

"Ew," Brie replied.

"It's called healing," Nikki explained. "I'm doing my own version of therapy."

Later, when Brie found out her sister was spending $20,000 a month renting a oceanfront beach house, she doubled down on giving Nikki a reality check.

"Pretty much what she's saying is she's going through a huge crisis in her life and what will make her feel better is spending all this money to get some humongous beach house," Brie said. "All I can say is someone is screaming for help, and I'm the only one who notices."

"Another hater moment brought to you by Brie Bella," Nikki replied, rolling her eyes.

Later, while smoking cigars with her sister and some old friends, Nikki explained that she's simply catching up on all the things she couldn't do when she was dating Cena, saying, "Now I'm free!"

"I have this new life, and I'm just trying to experience what I want to do with this new life, this new beginning," she continued.

But Brie wasn't totally sold. "Then in three years, don't knock on my door because you need a place to stay."

In the end, while Nikki admitted she was experiencing "some symptoms" of a midlife crisis, she looked at this part of her journey as her "blooming."


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Photo credit: Getty / Jon Kopaloff