Tom Bergeron Shares 'Dancing With the Stars' Throwback Video 1 Year After Firing

Tom Bergeron is looking back on his time with Dancing With the Stars a year after he and longtime co-host Erin Andrews were replaced on the ABC dance competition by Tyra Banks. The former DWTS host shared a "hair raising #Throwback from yesteryear" featuring his (fictitious) comedic mime fundraiser for pro Mark Ballas' haircare needs on Twitter on July 17.

Going "full mime" to pay for Ballas' primping products, Bergeron had his followers cracking up as he and his former co-star cut up on camera. "Soooo...are you showing this just to make us miss you all over again? Siiiiiiiiiiiigh," one person responded. Another chimed in, "Seeing this really makes me miss him. I still cannot believe they dumped him for Tyra Banks. He was great on DWTS and so funny." They continued that while they had loved the show from the start, they no longer watched, as it felt "too different" now.

"Good times," another fan tweeted in response. "I still watch Mark's dances and many times look for you in the background because you so obviously were enjoying them. The showrunners did Mark and his last two partners wrong, just as they did (albeit in different ways) you and Erin. The show is dead to me."

Earlier this month, DWTS pros Maksim and Val Chmerkovskiy told PopCulture exactly how they felt about Bergeron's exit from the show. "I think I'm going to say it," Maks said. "Is Tom someone that I think was a staple of the show? Yes. Dare I say that I also was a staple of the show and, at some point, may or may not have been thought of as an irreplaceable element? Yeah. [...] The reality is, Season 30 is coming up. I haven't been on for a while and it didn't get any worse in that department. So I think times keep moving and we keep moving it."


"I mean, look, as a person, [Tyra] is A-plus-plus. Behind the cameras, she treats everybody with love and respect and I think also we've yet to know a lot of Tyra because this was also a Zoom type of season," Val added of the COVID-19 precautions taken in Season 29. "I think Tyra did a great job. I'm excited to see the job that she does next season after having the opportunity to actually have a real season."