Tom Bergeron Gives Definitive Answer After Fans Think He's Returning to Host 'Dancing With the Stars'

Tom Bergeron is continuing to stay secretive when it comes to his new hosting job, but Dancing With the Stars fans may be disappointed to know he probably won't be returning to the ABC dancing competition. The DWTS alum, who hosted the show from its 2005 premiere until July 2020, has been teasing a new project all week and stepped in to clarify a little bit of what was going on in a Twitter video Friday.

"I thought I would let you go into the weekend with some more information, some of which may disappoint some of you. I am returning to hosting — that is the part I hope doesn't disappoint some of you," Bergeron quipped. "It's not going to be a show that I previously hosted, however, it's very reminiscent of a show I previously hosted."

Bergeron announced in July 2020 he had been let go from Dancing With the Stars, as had co-host Erin Andrews, who had been with him on the show since 2014 after initially competing as a dancer. Tyra Banks was brought on as the new solo host for Season 29 of the series, and her performance was a divisive one in the fandom. For those people who have been advocating for Bergeron and Andrews to make their return, the former America's Funniest Home Videos host sharing a quote from The Godfather: Part III on Tuesday reading, "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in," with the caption, "Stay tuned..." was a possible glimmer of hope.

That same day, Bergeron took to Twitter in a cryptic video, explaining, "I have to say, your response to my admittedly cryptic [post] has been very flattering, very heartwarming. I promise I will let you know what I'm really talking about by next week at the latest." He told fans to have "a little bit of patience" as they waited to see what his big announcement was, promising it will all be "worth it" in the end.


Executive producer for Dancing With the Stars Andrew Llinares previously explained the decision to switch up the hosting at ABC's panel in September 2020. "I think it's all about evolution. I think any show like this that has been on many, many seasons needs to continue to evolve," he said at the time. "I think changing the host was all about evolution. It was about making the show feel fresh, making it feel new, to reach out, maybe, to a new audience as well as the audience that's been there for years."