Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum Casting Talent for New Amazon Prime Show

Calling all designers! Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are officially casting for their new reality show with Amazon Prime Video.

The two announced in September that after 16 seasons on Project Runway, they'd be taking their talents to a new fashion series on Amazon — and now they're looking for talent.

The two revealed in a fun new video that they're on the hunt for up-and-coming designers to compete on their currently untitled show. In the video, the two celebrities FaceTime each other to announce the search.

Klum teases Gunn for relaxing in his bathrobe in the middle of the day when he answers while reading former first lady Michelle Obama's new memoir.

"I am very proudly wearing a robe," he told her. "Heidi, I'm resting up for our big adventure with Amazon."

The two then urge those interested to sign up on castingfashiondesigners.com for a chance to make it on their new project. Those looking to apply must be 21 or over and submit a two to four-minute long video about themselves and their work, as well as two photos of themselves and a digital portfolio.

A press release from Amazon says that the new series "will be a fresh take in the reality space and will appeal to a global audience who are entertained by competition, storytelling, and authenticity. Additionally, Amazon Fashion will create a stoppable experience for viewers."

Even without Klum and Gunn, Project Runway was renewed for its 17th season and will return to Bravo, where it aired from 2004-2008, following its run on Lifetime.

Klum told PEOPLE that Runway returning to Bravo was one of the reasons why she decided to leave the show. “I felt it was time to leave,” she said in October. “The show got moved from Lifetime, and I loved them. These people have worked super hard for many years. I thought with the network switch, I thought maybe it is time, maybe it is a sign to move on and let Project Runway walk by itself.”


She said that she and Gunn also felt like it was time to move on from Runway.

“We’re like husband and wife,” Klum said. “This was our baby. Our baby is 16 years old now. Our baby can walk and it’s going to walk by itself. And we love our baby — we love our baby and we wish our baby good luck. But now we’re ready to pop out a new one.”