'The View': Ana Navarro Snaps at Co-Host for Talking Over Her

The ladies of 'The View' are not shy about snapping back at their co-workers.

The View co-hosts once again got heated with each other on a recent episode, prompting Ana Navarro to snap at her fellow host, making for an awkward moment on TV. According to Entertainment Weekly, Navarro got testy with Alyssa Farah Griffin, the former Trump White House staffer who joined the show as a permanent co-host in 2022 with Navarro.

During a debate on immigration and border security, Navarro felt Griffin was cutting her off. "Can I mention one more thing?" Griffin asks, prompting some salty responses from Navarro.

"No, pull up the clip," Navarro says before turning to her co-host for a quick snap back. "I didn't interrupt you." When the cameras came back from the video, Griffin was laughing, Navarro still looked upset and Sunny Hostin was caught muttering by the mics.

This is not the first time the tension has overflowed into the show. In December 2022, the pair got testy during a discussion on workplace toxicity. "I can't really get a word in without you attacking me. So, I wouldn't say this is a totally different environment of women supporting each other," Griffin told Navarro, leaving the latter to say the co-host had "attacked you yet."

The View has been chock full of drama across the past decade. The departure of Meghan McCain still shows some open wounds, while Whoopi Goldberg is leaking fake news to suss out a supposed rat at the Hot Topics table. Either way, Griffin should be wary. Navarro has some controversial connections in her history.