'The Talk': Sharon Osbourne Breaks Down Over Sara Gilbert's Exit

Sharon Osbourne is having a hard time saying goodbye to longtime The Talk co-host Sara Gilbert after The Conners star announced she would be leaving the show Tuesday after nine seasons.

After revealing she had been "struggling" with balancing the hit ABC show, her duties on the daytime series and young children, Gilbert revealed to her emotional co-hosts that she would be leaving the show after the current season.

Sheryl Underwood gushed after the announcement, "You are an amazing woman. You are a true example for others to follow. You created something very, very special with The Talk. God has given you a great talent, and I think he's opening doors for you to use that talent wherever you go. But more than that, you're an amazing mother, an amazing partner, wife."

She continued, "You're just such a beautiful spirit, and everything ... I think you're going to be successful, because you care about others. I'd just like to say personally that we all wish you Godspeed to greater things, and you'll never be forgotten."

It's at this point that Osbourne, who had looked on the brim of tears from the start, broke down, with Carrie Ann Inaba saying, "Sharon is not OK."

While Osbourne tried to get it together, Eve stepped in, saying, "You know what? It's definitely sad, but we all understand the evolution of a woman, of a person, of a mom."

She continued, thanking Gilbert for her guidance, "Thank you for letting me in, because I know you don't let a lot of people in. I feel like I've been able to see some beautiful sides to you. I know this is hard for you both, but everybody here who loves you and loves us knows that you have to do what you have to do for the evolution."

When asked by Inaba if she wanted to say anything, a teary Osbourne choked out, "I do, I wanna say so many things to Sara."

She joked, "I've never worked with anyone for nine years before, I always get fired."

Pulling herself together to bid farewell to her longtime colleague, Obsourne told her fellow co-hosts that of all the women who had been part of The Talk over the years, what they had right then was "the best table."

"You can respect people, and you can really enjoy working with them, but there's always someone that gets on your nerves — it's true," she continued. "There's nobody that gets on each other's nerves here, and I think that Sara has just, since she took over this seat, has just been slamming it every show."

"You've all seen her dry humor that comes out of nowhere," Osbourne gushed. "She's so quick and so sarcastic and so fabulous that we just think, as women, we've been slamming it and we've just got this great thing going right here right now."

The Talk airs weekdays on CBS at 2 p.m. ET.


Photo credit: CBS