'The Soup' Host Jade Catta-Preta Teases 'Some Funny Faces' as Correspondents as Show Returns With New Episodes (Exclusive)

The Soup is back, and host Jade Catta-Preta is ready to get back to recapping and breaking down some of the most hilarious moments in pop culture. Ahead of the E! show's return from hiatus on Wednesday, the comedian opened up to PopCulture.com about what lies ahead for The Soup as everyone readjusts to the new normal.

Returning to filming after months at home, Catta-Preta said, has been "awesome," as she eagerly awaits the return of the viewer "interaction and feeding off the energy of the audience." While things look a little different on the production side due to COVID-19 safety regulations, it's created an opportunity for The Soup to get creative and bring on some special talent as correspondents who are experts in some of the hottest shows on today. "I don't want to give away too much, but they're some funny faces," the comedian told PopCulture, adding that looking at a silver lining of the pandemic, "That's something exciting that we maybe wouldn't have done before."

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Taking time off unexpectedly from performing after The Soup's return in February due to the coronavirus, Catta-Preta admits she thrived in the early stages of quarantine. "At first, I had to admit I sort of loved it, because it was so much" launching The Soup and performing stand-up every night. "Having not done stand-up for three months was a nice break," she added.

That doesn't mean she wasn't bummed to not be able to give her take on some of the buzzworthy pop culture moments happening while everyone was staying in and streaming. "Right away Tiger King happened, and everyone was covering it. I was like, 'No! Why is this happening now?" she said. The comedian also found herself addicted to Too Hot to Handle, the "ridiculous" Floor Is Lava and sMothered. ("It’s so creepy I love it!")


Some of the reality shows Catta-Preta parodies and recaps look a lot different upon her return, with high-profile stars losing their spots on TV due to problematic behavior. While the comedian said she wouldn't want anyone to rely on her for opinions of what networks should do in those kinds of situations, she opined, "Cancel culture is a difficult moment. ... I want people to be able to grow from their experiences." That being said, the American Housewife star also understands why people are upset and "want to make examples of people."

As The Soup prepares for its return Wednesday, Catta-Preta quipped for people thinking about tuning in, "If you're ever just sitting on the toilet for hours looking for content, look no more!" The Soup returns to E! with all-new episodes Wednesday, July 22 at 11 p.m.