Who Is the Yeti in 'The Masked Singer' Season 5?

The Masked Singer Season 5 previously introduced its final wild card performer of the season: The Yeti. The stylized cryptid joined Group A for its last performance before the Super 8 finals round, and he made a big impression. The massive monster seemed to shake the stage as he stomped over to the mic.

This year, PopCulture.com's team of uncertified Masked Singer experts is tracking every clue, hint and teaser for every character, and the Yeti is no exception. Fans can catch the show for themselves on cable, satellite or on streaming services like FuboTV, which is offering a free trial here. Here, you'll find all the clues and panelists' comments preserved for easy access between episodes, to make theorizing that much easier. Of course, spoilers for the latest episode are ahead.

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Season 5, Episode 11

The last Wildcard contestant in the competition, Yeti, shared some new details about their identity. They began by saying how grateful they are for the opportunity to showcase their talents on The Masked Singer. He then said that one of his 'greatest inspirations" is Diddy, whom he has worked with in the past.

Yeti showcased yet another side of himself with a rendition of Rascal Flatts' "Bless the Broken Road." Thicke shared that he got a Channing Tatum vibe following the performance. Jeong tied his guess back to Diddy, explaining that Twista previously collaborated with him. McCarthy guessed another Diddy collaborator, Ne-Yo. Although, Cluedle-Doo then entered the scene to say that the panel was very "off" with all of their guesses.

Season 5, Episode 8 - "The Spicy 6 - The Competition Heats Up!"

The Yeti's newest clue package found him sitting in a classy ski resort and began with the last thing fans might expect — the men in black helping him take his mask off. Beneath, he wore a shapeless, reflective helmet of some kind.

"Whoa, it is weird coming out of hiding like this," he said. Someone asked him "how do you feel?" and he responded: "Incredible! Last week, I just connected with the music and showed off, y'know, a secret skill — skating." The off-screen producer's voice continued: "So, diving below the surface, what's something not a lot of people know about you?"

"Well, I'm really just a family Yeti," the unmasked Yeti continued, speaking directly to the camera like a reality TV confessional. Behind him, the men in black sat by the fire and ate ice cream, with a stuffed panda bear placed conspicuously on the hearth. He continued: "When my daughter was born, I dropped everything to rush home to be the first to hold her. It was so important to me because my nana was the first to hold me, and we had an unbreakable bond."

"I didn't really find purpose in life until I became a dad. My children are always pushing me to be bold, so tonight, I've got a whole new set of moves that I hope they love," the Yeti concluded. His clue package ended with a closeup on a pacifier, a pair of scissors cutting a rug and even a shot of him walking down the hallway out of costume, with the reflective visor still obscuring his face.

The Yeti performed "It Takes Two" by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock, striking a drastically different tone from his soulful song last week. He showed plenty of confidence rapping and at least a little bit of dancing skill, and ended the song with a full split.

This week's on-stage clue was a "mind-reader" machine that showed the contestants' inner thoughts. In Yeti's case, it showed a corn cob inside his brain. He said: "corn popped into my mind," and Ken Jeong pointed out that Jason Derulo had once chipped his tooth while eating corn on the cob in an Instagram post.

However, Jeong was more interested in the pacifier clue, which made him think of actor Vin Diesel. Guest panelist Chrissy Metz guessed musicians Trey Songz and Miguel. The other judges liked Jeong's guess but did not add any of their own.

Season 5, Episode 7 - "Super 8 - The Plot Chickens!"

The newest singer in the group, Yeti, is here again to showcase what he's made of. In his clue package, Yeti watched two men play a game of horseshoes, during which he shared that he once enjoyed an "avalanche of success." However, he said that his "ego" got in the way and that everything "blew up." As he looked at pieces of paper with A, B, C, and D on them, he said that he tried to ignore his downfall but that he "couldn't ignore the wreckage." Yeti said that he felt "so lonely" as he pulled a brown dog toy out of a hat. When he got another chance, he left his ego at the door. The Yeti and two men, wearing New Year's Day hats, then showcased their dance moves.

Yeti ice skated (i.e. roller-skated) his way onto the stage to perform Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco's "Lonely." He's so talented that he was able to both sing and roller skate around the stage effortlessly. Scherzinger believes that Yeti could be Sisqo, but then suggested Todrick Hall. Jeong suggested Justin Timberlake. Thicke guessed both Omarion and Mario.

Season 5, Episode 6 - "In the Nick of Time!"

Yeti was the last singer of the night when he made his debut in Episode 6. He introduced himself in a clue package set in a snowy mountain range, where he was depicted holding a cord of firewood. He then led the camera into an igloo, which was unexpectedly homey. There were plants, decorations and food on the table, where three women were gathered. They welcomed the Yeti and offered him fruit and pastries.

"As a Yeti, I only come out of hiding for a mammoth reason, and here, it's to be a wild force to be reckoned with, so watch your step," he said. "Where I come from, too many Yetis become monsters, but I had a secret weapon: a village of warrior women who were always there to show me the way. Having them as motivators and teachers was golden, and made me the abominable gentleman I am today. Knowing these warriors had my back gave me the confidence to go for the mountaintop when others wouldn't even dare. Yetis are usually chased from the village, but I was raised by it. Being here is a thank you to them. And, you know they saved the best wild card for the last."

Yeti sang "If It Isn't Love" by New Edition." The panelists were floored by the performance, but they all looked dubious as they jotted down their first impression guesses. With that, Cannon fired off a t-shirt at the panel, which read: "Aphrodite." The Yeti explained: "Yeti is all about love, love, love."


With that McCarthy guessed that Yeti might be rapper Ray J, while Scherzinger went with Justin Bieber. Jeong suggested comedian Taran Killam, to the ire of the rest of the panel.

Who could this mysterious Yeti really be under all that fur? Fans won't know for sure until he is unmasked, which could come any week now that The Masked Singer is entering its Super 8 finals round. You can catch the show every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox, or stream it live on FuboTV, with a free trial offer here. You can also watch it late starting on Thursday mornings on Hulu, with a free trial offer here. If you're working on your fan theories, check back at PopCulture.com for the latest clues and live updates!

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