'The Masked Singer': Where is Group C?

For Season 4 of The Masked Singer, the show has, once again, placed the contestants into three [...]

For Season 4 of The Masked Singer, the show has, once again, placed the contestants into three separate groups — A, B, and C. During Season 3, the show alternated between the three groups for the first few weeks of the competition. Although, during Season 4, the first four weeks of the competition have only introduced audiences to groups A and B, which has made some fans question where the group C contestants — Broccoli, Jellyfish, Lips, Mushroom, and Squiggly Monster — are.

It's unclear exactly why the show has held off on introducing its audience to group C. But, at the end of the fourth episode, which aired on Wednesday night, host Nick Cannon assured viewers that viewers will finally get to see the likes of Broccoli, Lips, Squiggly Monster, Mushroom, and Jellyfish on the Oct. 21 episode. As of right now, four masked celebrities have been ousted from the competition — the Dragon, Gremlin, Giraffe, and, most recently, Baby Alien. The fifth celebrity who will be eliminated from the competition will subsequently be one of the five members of group C.

Since this season of The Masked Singer comes amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the show has had to take additional safety precautions to keep the crew, judges, and masked celebrities healthy. In an interview with Deadline, executive producer Craig Plestis explained some of the new protocols that the show has to follow in the age of COVID-19. "It just takes a lot longer to do these shows, I have to be completely honest," Plestis noted. "Something that would just take an hour on a normal production day may take five hours. We start a lot earlier in the morning, and we go a lot later than we have ever done on any other year we've done the show."

Plestis went on to say that these new challenges are simply the cost of producing a show during a global pandemic. But, he did say that they're "getting it done" and that it will end up being a "wonderful" season. "There's going to be some reinventions of things that I don't want to say it's because of COVID, but it's kind of influenced by it," the producer continued. "But it's created decisions that I'm glad we did, that may make it even a better show, because we've had to be more creative this cycle, and with what we can do with our time. I think it pushed all of us, as producers on the show, to be even better and more creative. I don't really want to say anything positive about the pandemic, but it did push us to be better creative producers overall, and you're going to see that."