'The Masked Singer' Showmance: See Nicole Scherzinger's Message to Thingamajig After He's Sent Home

Nicole Scherzinger is heartbroken after her showmance partner, Thingamajig, was eliminated from The Masked Singer Wednesday night in the semifinals. Although both she and fans were sad to see him go, an extra layer of excitement surrounded the unmasking, with fans dying to see who was behind the mask that Scherzinger had been flirting with all season.

After much hemming and hawing, the Thingamajig removed his mask to reveal that he was Indiana Pacers star Victor Oladipo, shocking those who weren't aware of the guard's musical talent.

Judge Jenny McCarthy asked the burning question on everyone's minds: Would Oladipo go on a date with Scherzinger? "Anywhere, anytime, anyplace," the NBA player said into the mic that host Nick Cannon held out.

"Sounds like a song lyric to me," Cannon chirped.

Although Scherzinger didn't get a chance to respond to Oladipo's invitation, she did propose marriage to him earlier in the season, so fans are hoping for a real-life date. The Pussycat Dolls member took to Twitter to address the showmance, where she didn't directly accept or reject the date invite.

"It was such a pleasure to have you on the show [Victor Oladipo]!" she tweeted after congratulating fellow judge Ken Jeong on his first-ever correct guess in two seasons.

"Your voice is so incredible. Thank you for the 10-week show-mance!" Scherzinger concluded, adding a heart emoji and a red lips emoji.

A few minutes earlier, she also tweeted, "Heart. Broken," after Cannon revealed that Thingamajig's version of "Waking In A Winter Wonderland" earned the least amount of votes from the judges and crowd members during the semifinals against Flamingo, Fox, Rottweiler and Leopard.

Jeong was the only judge to correctly guess Thingamajig's true identity; the other panelists chose names like Montell Jordan, Paul George and Markelle Fultz.

"First of all, I can't believe I got anything right!" Jeong proclaimed after jumping up and down. "If I'm gonna get anyone right, honestly to get Victor Oladipo, because I am just a huge fan of yours. I'm just so glad you're doing better. You have an amazing voice!"

Oladipo said he enjoyed performing on The Masked Singer because he went through a "rough year."

"To be able to come out here and put smiles on peoples' faces and do something fun for once and kind of get away from the game has been awesome. It's nothing but a blessing for me," he said.

Thingamajig wasn't the only contestant eliminated in the holiday semifinals. Leopard was also sent packing Wednesday night, revealing his identity to be none other than the four-time Grammy winning singer Seal.

"All truth be told, I'm feeling a little sad going home tonight," Seal admitted after being unmasked. "I had hoped to make it to the finale, but all good things come to an end."


He added that he had a "wonderful" time on the wacky reality show, adding that he decided to join the series because of his four kids at home, who are "fans of the show."

Photo credit: Photo credit: Michael Becker / FOX