'The Masked Singer' Season 5 Episode 7: Who Gets Unmasked?

Fans are in for an action-packed, two-hour episode of The Masked Singer on Wednesday night. All [...]

Fans are in for an action-packed, two-hour episode of The Masked Singer on Wednesday night. All eight of the competitors remaining in the competition will be back during the episode. The remaining singers in Group A include Robopine, Russian Dolls, Yeti, and Seashell. Group B includes Chameleon, Black Swan, Piglet, and Crab. Two of these singers will be eliminated by the end of the episode, but which ones?

Based on their previous performances, it seems as though there are clear frontrunners remaining such as Black Swan, Yeti, and Seashell. Of course, there are also some who could be in danger of going home, such as Crab, Robopine, and Chameleon. It's a little trickier to figure out who might get unmasked considering that two of these singers will be eliminated. But, to wager an educated guess based on how they've performed in the past, it's possible that both Chameleon and Robopine could be getting unmasked by the end of the two-hour event.

As fans are aware by now, anything can truly happen on The Masked Singer. So, it's really anyone's guess as to who will actually be going home. Viewers will simply have to tune in to The Masked Singer, which airs on Fox at 8 p.m. ET, to see how all of the singers handle the challenge. To follow along with all of the action yourself, you can check out FuboTV, which is offering a free trial to PopCulture.com readers. Additionally, the episode will be available on Hulu, which you can access here, the day after it airs.

There's one competitor who will definitely not be getting the chance to showcase their talents on Wednesday night's episode — the Orca. They were eliminated during the April 14 episode following an emotional performance that they dedicated to their late father. After being eliminated, they removed their mask and revealed that they were Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath. Following his time on the show, McGrath spoke to Entertainment Weekly and revealed what he's taking away from his time on the competition, explaining, "I took away so much more than I ever thought I would by getting in a mask and costume and singing a couple of '80s heavy metal songs. I wasn't there that long, but I feel like I'm part of The Masked Singer family forever."

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