'The Masked Singer' Features Surprise Celebrity Guest Judge as 'Mr. TV'

Group C is on deck to compete on Wednesday night's episode of The Masked Singer. However, the show [...]

Group C is on deck to compete on Wednesday night's episode of The Masked Singer. However, the show got started with a performance from an entirely new masked celebrity, Mr. TV. Host Nick Cannon introduced the audience and the judges to Mr. TV, who performed Maroon 5's "Memories," at the top of the show. But, it wasn't long before they revealed their identity. Ultimately, after removing their mask, it was revealed that Mr. TV was actually a former Masked Singer winner taking over judging duties on the latest episode.

After performing a flawless rendition of the Maroon 5 track, Mr. TV took off his mask and surprised the judges in the process. Mr. TV was actually Wayne Brady, who previously competed and won Season 2 of The Masked Singer. Brady didn't just show up to perform; he's also serving on the judging panel alongside Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy, and Robin Thicke. Like the other judges (and the audience at home), Wayne was blown away by the Mushroom's performance in particular. While he shared that he originally thought that the Mushroom's identity was Willow Smith, he changed things up and said that he believes the figure is Smith's brother, Jaden Smith. The other judges' guesses ranged from Adam Lambert to Donald Glover.

Following his win on Season 2, the Let's Make a Deal host, who was the Fox, said that he didn't just come to win, he came to have a fun time. "As I've said to other people in my life, I don't have time to just do stuff for fun," he told Entertainment Weekly back in December 2019. "When I do something, it's with the full intent and my intention was winning. Whether I won or not, that's up to someone else, but my intention was absolutely to win. I wanted to have people not be influenced by my face or that I make them laugh on TV to just to listen."

Like many other performers on The Masked Singer, Wayne did not share that he was going on the show with many people in his inner circle just in case the news got out. But, as he explained to EW, his mother did have a hunch that the Fox was her son. "I kept my circle very tight. Let's put it this way, my mother didn't know," he shared. "What's hilarious is, she would give me a text every week and her and her husband would say, "Wayne, you know that Fox? He's trying to sound like you sometimes. I know your voice." But then she'd say something like, "But I know that's not you because you sing better than he does." I'm like, thanks, Mom."