'The Masked Dancer': Sloth Takes Second Place, and They're a 'DWTS' Pro

By the end of The Masked Dancer's finale, only two competitors remained in the competition — Sloth and Cotton Candy. Naturally, only one of them could walk away with the Diamond Mask Trophy. Host Craig Robinson revealed that Sloth came in second place, meaning that Cotton Candy is the winner of the first season of The Masked Singer's spinoff series. After they crowned the winner, the show had to reveal Sloth's identity. Once the judges shared their final guesses behind their identity, they removed their mask and revealed that they're Dancing With the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

The Masked Dancer premiered on Fox in late December, introducing the audience to a slew of mystery dancing celebrities. Over the past couple of months of the competition, several celebrities have been unmasked following their electric dance performances. Those competitors include Oscar De La Hoya (Zebra), Jordin Sparks (Exotic Bird), and Bill Nye the Science Guy (Ice Cube). The show is hosted by Robinson and includes a judging panel that is comprised of Ken Jeong, who also serves as a judge on The Masked Singer, Paula Abdul, Ashley Tisdale, and Brian Austin Green. Ahead of the show's premiere, Robinson spoke about taking on hosting duties for this new series. He even told the Port Charlotte Sun that he actually recognized one of the masked performers following their routine (of course, he did not let slip which contestant it was).

"It was the craziest thing. I came on stage, and it was my first time interviewing the person. They had just done their dance," Robinson explained. "Something about them, I was like, I feel familiar. And it turns out, I had met the person before, but it was like so crazy. There was this familiarity, and you're just looking at a mask, a costume, but I could feel the vibe." The Office alum also shared what costume that he would put on if he were to be on the show, noting that he'd be Lightning. When asked why, he said that it's "because I strike with force and thunder."


Now that The Masked Dancer is coming to a close, fans will likely set their sights on a new season of The Masked Singer, which is reportedly set to air on March 10. The Masked Singer has even revealed two of the costumes that celebrities will be donning during the competition, as they shared that the Chameleon and Grandpa Monster will be taking part in the singing action. The Grandpa Monster follows a long list of other competitors who took up the "Monster" mantle, including rapper T-Pain who performed as the Monster during Season 1 and won the competition.