'The Amazing Race 31' Teams Face Unexpected Twists as Major Player Is Eliminated

It's only leg two of The Amazing Race Season 31, but things are already getting twisted for the teams on their journey to $1 million.

In Wednesday's all-new episode of the CBS show, as the remaining teams made their way across Laos and Cambodia, they were shocked to come upon a U-Turn stop almost immediately. While other teams weren't sure they wanted to bring the heat a U-Turn causes so early in the game, Big Brother alum Rachel Reilly and sister Elissa Slater had no qualms sending Becca Droz and Floyd Pierce under the bus, as they had turned down working with them earlier.

Upon making it to the U-Turn board themselves, the Amazing Race Season 29 alums couldn't believe their luck. "As we got closer to the U-Turn board, we started seeing our faces," Pierce told the camera. "We were shocked."

"I'm like that can't happen," Droz added. " But that just happened."

Faced with the U-Turning capabilities themselves, Droz and Pierce decided to choose Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl based solely on them being strong competitors.

"Was I surprised to see our name on the U-Turn board?" Kuhl said. "No, because I knew we were a threat."

It wasn't easy for anyone involved, as the teams were tasked with either shopping for and barbecuing a traditional Cambodian dish or testing themselves on the nuanced language. Of course, the U-Turned teams had to complete both before moving on, but that didn't stop Droz and Pierce and Oakley and Kuhl from quickly making their way ahead of some of the teams who only had to finish one — including Rupert and Laura Boneham, who were met with troubles at seemingly every step of the race.

Rupert and Laura found themselves solidly in last place, and feeling a little defeated walking into what they were correct in assuming was the end of their time on The Amazing Race.

"I consider myself one of the toughest Survivors out there, and Amazing Race kicked my a—," Rupert said after getting the bad news.

Survivor fans were devastated to see the OG go home so early:


The Amazing Race airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS