'Temptation Island' Single Morgan Fears Evan Will Leave Her and Return to Girlfriend Kaci

Morgan Lolar may be feeling the love with Evan Smith on Temptation Island, but even she is afraid he'll ditch their electric connection for longtime girlfriend Kaci Campbell once the experience is over.

After going against his agreement with Kaci and having sex with single Morgan, Evan agreed that at the end of their time on the island, he would break up with his girlfriend of close to a decade, even asking Morgan to be his girlfriend during their time in the house.

Evan admitted that the situation with Kaci was "f—ed up," but he knew what he had to do and wouldn't be changing his mind. Regardless, the whole situation made Morgan nervous about their future outside of Temptation Island.

"I'm pretty scared about the whole situation, because I have no control over it," she confessed to the cameras. "Evan could possibly change his mind at the last minute and everything that he had said to me could be out the door. I don't know what's in store fully."

Later, she continued of his request for her to be his official girlfriend, "Of course I have my reservations, because he's got someone that is in the other house probably crying about him, thinking that they're going to back together, because he hasn't ended it."

"How am I supposed to leave with someone who has a girl who thinks that she's leaving with him?" she asked the camera.

Evan seemed convinced of his course of action, however, admitting to the camera, "Morgan and Kaci are completely different people. I've never felt anything like I have with Morgan. It's the unknown with Morgan, and honestly I just cannot get enough."

Falling in love with Morgan definitely wasn't in the plans for going on the island.

"Coming here, I thought I was gonna solidify where I thought my life was already going, and with you, you changed everything," he told Morgan. "I mean from the first date when I took you zip lining, I was so nervous ... I'm just gushing over you, and I can't believe what happened."

Back on Kaci's side of the island, she was still in denial that Evan and Morgan had actually sealed the deal physically, calling it "unimaginable," despite receiving video footage of their bedroom antics that she agreed to hear, but not watch.

"I just can't really wrap my head around this, to be honest," she admitted. "This is so not how I thought things were gonna go, and I'm just not ready to really think about that right now."


Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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