'Teen Mom': Tyler Baltierra Defends Comments About Wanting to Be With 'Other Women' During Wife Catelynn Lowell's Pregnancy

Tyler Baltierra is clarifying the comments he made on Teen Mom OG this week about wanting to be with "other women" than pregnant wife Catelynn Lowell.

The MTV personality took to Twitter after the episode aired, showcasing their desire for a trial separation due to a tough time in their marriage to clear the air.

"Listen...I don’t want to be with other women. Have I ever thought about it? Well, DUH!" he wrote. "Everyone would be lying if they said they never have, especially when in a long term relationship. About her being [age] 21/19, I meant that genuinely because that was before her mental health stuff."

The initial comments Baltierra made were while speaking to dad Butch, who asked if his son had ever considered what life would be like with another woman, as the two first started dating when they were only teenagers.

“The thing about it is, I want Cate when we were like 20, 21, 19 when everything was like … I don’t know, dude,” he answered.

Lowell, who spent much of last year in treatment for mental health after a miscarriage triggered suicidal thoughts, has been trying to understand her husband's emotional state after being left home alone with the couples' 3-year-old daughter Novalee during that time. That, plus Lowell becoming unexpectedly pregnant with another baby, a daughter to be named Tezlee, has brought the couple to the brink.

“Getting pregnant was very unexpected since we still have a lot of work to do on our relationship,” Lowell admitted on Teen Mom. “I know Tyler has been frustrated in our marriage for a while and has been seeing a therapist. ...He decided he wanted to try living separately for a month. I was devastated, at first, but now that I’ve started my own therapy, I’m more comfortable with the idea.”

Lowell also had her doubts about the marriage last year when she determined she needed to return to treatment after her first stay in rehab.

“I didn’t even want to tell you that I was going back,” she told Baltierra in an April episode of the MTV show. “I just thought, ‘I wouldn’t blame Tyler, like seriously, if you wanted to just divorce me.’ I put you through so much. You’re an awesome husband, seriously, to stand by me through all this s—. I’m sure a lot of guys would just throw in the f—ing towel.”

Baltierra responded, “I don’t think those guys are true husbands. I’m not ever leaving, I’m not going anywhere. Don’t think like that.”


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