'Teen Mom': Ryan Edwards Scares His Ex With Alarming Texts

Ryan Edwards is reportedly still on a rampage against his soon-to-be ex-wife.

Ryan Edwards reportedly continues to harass his soon-to-be ex-wife, Mackenzie. Both appeared on several seasons of Teen Mom where they dealt with Ryan's struggles with addiction. She stopped appearing on the show due to issues with the way she felt Ryan was being exploited on the MTV reality series. Last year, it was reported that Mackenzie was granted a restraining order against Ryan after he made several threats. According to recent court documents obtained by The Ashley, Mackenzie called the police again after a frightening encounter with Ryan. She says he also threatened to come back to the home in search of weapons.

In the police report, Mackenzie says Ryan returned to the home he and Mackenzie once shared so that he could look for a computer cord from the garage, and she notified the police ahead of time in case things escalated. Ryan also called the police and confirmed he was there for his computer cord. He asked that a deputy follow him to the house and he did so. He was unable to find the computer cord and told the deputy he'd return another day in search of it.

But later that night, Ryan allegedly sent Mackenzie scary texts. The police report notes: "Shortly after Ryan and I left the residence, Mackenzie called back in advising Ryan texted her threatening messages. Mackenzie advised Ryan sent her a message stating, 'You're going to be hard-pressed to find another place to live and no one is going to survive anything." 

Ryan allegedly promised to come back to the house in the text to "retrieve his weapons." But Mackenzie says there are no weapons at the home.

"The only weapon in the house is her personal every day carry pistol," the report states. "Mackenzie stated that she was going to bring the pistol to work just in case Ryan comes to the house."