'Teen Mom' Couple Reportedly Broken up for Good Despite Reunion Speculations

Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards wed in 2017. She filed for divorce last year after a string of alleged domestic violence incidents.

Teen Mom fans are speculating about the state of Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Edwards' relationship, wondering if they may have reconciled following marital troubles and Edwards' run-ins with the law. In an exclusive interview with The Ashley, Mackenzie made it clear that she's taking a book out of Taylor Swift's hit "We Are Never Getting Back Together." The interview came after a blog shared a video of her and Ryan celebrating their daughter's birthday together at a restaurant, but she says the social media clip is old. "For 2024, the kids and I are going forward, not backwards. This was an old video," Mackenzie said. "He [Ryan] is wearing his wedding ring in the video because we were married at the time." Mackenzie has also changed her social media name back to her maiden name, Standifer.

Mackenzie recently provided an update on where things stand between her and Ryan. Despite having children together, Mackenzie told The Ashley that she and Ryan are currently not on speaking terms. "We don't speak because [Ryan and Amanda] feel it's disrespectful toward their relationship," she said. "I hope eventually Ryan and I can reestablish communication so we can co-parent our kids," Mackenzie added. 

Ryan Edwards has been in the news for the past year, mainly due to the Teen Mom star's ongoing marital trouble and multiple run-ins with the law. Mackenzie filed for divorce from the Tennessee native last year alleging domestic and emotional abuse, threats, and harassment. She also filed for, and was granted, a temporary restraining order after police were called to their marital residence. Ryan would later breach the restraining order and get in trouble with the law again.

In the meantime, Ryan has been getting the support, personally and publicly, from his ex and mother of his oldest child, Maci Bookout. The two began their reality TV career together when they were featured on 16 & Pregnant chronicling their teenage pregnancy. The first season of Teen Mom showcased their struggle with parenting and quick split. Ryan admittedly had issues in the fatherhood department with their now-teenage son, Bently. However, Bookout has been supportive of them reconciling. Bookout and Mackenzie have had their issues, as have Ryan and Bookout's husband Taylor. Ryan is dating a new woman, Amanda Conner, whom he met while in rehab to address his substance abuse issues. Like Ryan, she's also been in trouble with the law.