'Teen Mom' Personality Lauren Comeau Blasted for Not Wearing Face Mask During Son's Haircut

Teen Mom 2 personality Lauren Comeau found herself in hot water with the latest photos of her 1-year-old son's Eli's latest haircut when her followers noted that neither she nor the barber were wearing face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic. Sharing since-deleted photos and video of her son with Javi Marroquin getting his "first buzz for Summer," Comeau showed off her "handsome mama's boy" getting his head buzzed, with not a mask to be seen.

People were quick to criticize her for not masking up or asking the barber to wear a mask as the coronavirus deaths in the U.S. climb past 153,000 people and health officials beg citizens to mask up to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Comeau wasn't taking the comments, however, and before she deleted the post, responded with a fiery rant. "SHUT UP YALL. This is not a political post, this is a post about our child getting his first damn haircut!!!" she wrote, as per a screenshot captured by The Sun.

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"We wear our masks to every store, my mask fell down and my arms were busy holding Eli still - SUE ME," she added. "And IT AINT OUR BUSINESS if the barber chooses to or not, just like it shouldn’t be any of yall’s business to come complain on stranger’s Instagrams!!! I WISH I had the time to go complain on random strangers IG telling them how they are screwing up. Please do more with your time y’all."

Her response didn't convince her critics, however. "Omg. Ain't your business if the barber chooses not to wear one? Yes, the f— it is," one person wrote. "Your son's safety depends on that barber wearing a mask. Ugh. I can't with these idiots." Another chastised, "What a f—ing moron! The barber is in her child’s face without a mask, but 'it ain’t our business!'" A third added, "Well, YOUSTUPIDA—HOLE, it IS our business that you aren't taking this pandemic seriously and risking OUR collective health. F— you."

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Comeau did take down the original post, replacing it with photos instead of Eli smiling post-haircut, although the barber can still be seen not wearing a mask in the background. "Mamas handsome boy!!" she wrote in the new post. "Trying out a new hairdo and his first buzz for summer!" However, Marroquin kept the original photos and video on his own account, instead turning off the comments.