'Teen Mom OG': Tyler Baltierra Responds to 'Backlash' After Comments Made About Wife Catelynn Lowell

Tyler Baltierra is ready for the backlash he'll get after Teen Mom OG fans see what he's been [...]

Tyler Baltierra is ready for the backlash he'll get after Teen Mom OG fans see what he's been going through this season.

The MTV personality, who is now expecting a third child with wife Catelynn Lowell, took to Twitter Monday ahead of the season premiere to get out in front of criticism over things he said about his wife during a low point in their marriage.

"I know I will most likely get a ton of backlash from viewers this season & that's okay, honestly...it will NEVER hold me back from being 100% real & honest!" he wrote. "Loving someone through severe depression/anxiety takes a toll & I'm only one human being that experiences weak moments too."

Baltierra is clearly referring to a clip released of Monday's 90-minute premiere, during which he got pretty raw about his feelings for Lowell as she continues to struggle with depression and anxiety following a miscarriage last year.

Talking to mom Kim and her husband Bill, Baltierra revealed that Lowell hasn't been going to some of her classes while in an inpatient mental health treatment center, saying she has been staying up all night and watching movies. For Baltierra, who has been holding down the fort with their 3-year-old daughter, Nova, the whole situation has been exhausting physically and emotionally.

When Bill tells his stepson that none of them can really understand what Lowell is going through, Baltierra responds, "Well, you never seen her on the couch for days in a row in her robe," adding that "it's not depressing, it's repulsing."

Such strong words from the usually gentle and devoted husband drew some seriously shocked faces from Kim and Bill, leading Baltierra to quickly continue, "That's why I want to go to therapy, like something's wrong with me. I'm losing sympathy and empathy. Maybe the empathy and sympathy is sucked dry, I don't know, but I recognize that and that's why I need to figure this out."

Kim is equally frustrated with Lowell, saying that while she loves her daughter-in-law, watching her languish in recovery and leaving her son to parent alone is upsetting.

"When I see her doing nothing, it makes me upset," Kim admits, "and then she goes back in [to treatment], and you're abandoned for six weeks with Nova, and it's a lot of stress."

The Teen Mom OG couple may have been going through a tough time then, but Lowell assured Us Weekly prior to the season premiere that they've been able to come back together and are eagerly awaiting becoming parents again with their rainbow baby.

"It's not like we're in the gutter or we're getting a divorce like everybody says. Couples go through ups and downs, just like any relationship, even friendships, family, you know, and it's all about how you work through things," she said. "What I went through put a lot of strain on a relationship, especially leaving him and him having to be a single dad for so long and running a business on his own. I have a lot of sympathy for what I put him through. I think that's put a lot of stress on our relationship. Right now, we're hitting a couple bumps that need to be worked through."

Teen Mom OG returns for a new season Monday, Oct. 1 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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