'Teen Mom OG' Fans Think Chelsea Houska Might Be Pregnant

Is there a baby on the way for Chelsea Houska? Already mom to 10-year-old Aubree, 3-year-old Watson, and 1-year-old Layne, Teen Mom fans seem to think that Houska is pregnant with her fourth child. The speculation was started after some fans thought they saw Houska baring a tiny baby bump in recent photos submitted to the Teen Mom Fanz Instagram account.

Writing that the photos had been "sent in," the account said that they were unsure if Houska was expecting, "but people have been messaging me about a possible baby bump." The post included two image. In the first image, which is edited to where Houska's face does not appear, the Teen Mom star is seen in a strapless dress. Houska, in the second image, appears alongside several others in a tie-dye shirt.

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The post drew a flurry of responses from those who thought they had spotted a barely-there baby bump. In one comment, a fan candidly wrote that "it looks like a baby bump." Somebody else said that "it definitely could be," adding that Houska and her husband, Cole, "have always said they want one more, moving into a new house soon...and at this point in time the next baby would have the same age gap as the other littles."

Of course, just as many people were far more hesitant to buy in, instead taking the stance that she is not expecting. One commenter, who said that they didn't think there was a baby bump, provided some evidence that Houska isn’t expecting, writing that she has "been seen drinking lately." That same person reminded others that "she has said that she wants Layne and her next one to be a little further apart bc taking care of a toddler and a newborn was really difficult."


In one frank response, a fan wrote it's "her bizzness," something that most people seemed to agree with. Somebody else wrote that people should "about stop analyzing women's bodies," while another added that "if that looks pregnant I must be having multiples."

Houska has not addressed the speculation, though in February, while answering questions from fans, she did talk about the possibility of having more children. While she confirmed that she and her husband "want another baby," according to The Sun, Houska said that they "have a lot coming up," instead suggesting, "maybe once our house is done."