'Teen Mom OG': Amber Portwood Sends Emotional Easter Message to Daughter Amid Turmoil

If you've been following along with the current season of Teen Mom OG, you would know that there's [...]

If you've been following along with the current season of Teen Mom OG, you would know that there's been a bit of a strain on Amber Portwood's relationship with her daughter Leah. In the midst of that drama, Portwood took to Instagram on Sunday in order to send some kind words to her daughter on Easter. Portwood even acknowledged in her caption that she needs to put in some work in order to make sure that their relationship gets to a better place.

Portwood posted a selfie of herself and her daughter to mark the Easter holiday. While she hasn't been on the best of terms with her lately, she did write that she knows that there is a long way to go to create a better bond with her child. The reality star wrote, "I know you are going through a lot and there are many things I need to do to make things right. However, I will always love you, my beautiful daughter. Love you and Happy Easter."

Portwood's message comes a few days after she publicly criticized her ex, Gary Shirley, with whom she shares Leah, and his wife, Kristina, on her Instagram Story. In particular, she took aim at Kristina as she believes that she has been "spoiling" her daughter, which she said is the reason why the two have a close bond. She said, "[Leah] respects her because she brings her out to Starbucks, gets her nails done and spends over a thousand something dollars of clothing on her." The Teen Mom OG star continued, "Hell, I'd respect her too. I was raised to not spoil my child. Kristina doesn't do anything for Leah. She doesn't take care of my daughter. Leah wanted to live with me until they went to Disney World. I don't spoil Leah, she only gets things on her birthdays and things like that." She also said about both Shirley and Kristina, "They spoil my daughter. Spoiling a child is horrible. It turns people into absolutely misguided and very delusional people when it comes to the world that we really live in."

Portwood's inflammatory statements came shortly after an episode of Teen Mom OG aired, during which Leah explained that she doesn't have a close relationship with her mother. She said that Kristina has been the one to fill that role for her. Leah even told her father, "We don't really have a bond like that. Twelve years and she hasn't really done anything. That's kind of been like Kristina's spot." Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by CBS Interactive, a division of ViacomCBS.