'Teen Mom OG': Amber Portwood Allegedly Heard Hitting Andrew Glennon in Leaked Recording

Audio of Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood allegedly hitting and cursing at estranged boyfriend Andrew Glennon was leaked on YouTube Friday. The audio was allegedly recorded on July 5, and captures the fight that ended with Portwood being arrested for domestic battery. The couple have since split, and Portwood denied Glennon's claims during the Teen Mom OG reunion.

The audio was streamed on YouTube by Katherine Paulson on her Without a Crystal Ball channel. She claims she received the audio from a Glennon family member and it is authentic. The voices sound like Portwood and Glennon's, but the recordings have not been independently verified, reports Hollywood Life.

The alleged incident began when Glennon woke up Portwood from a nap to go to an appointment. Glennon then picked up their 1-year-old son James.

In the audio, the woman is heard yelling at the man, "If you don’t pick him up you f– fat piece of s–, I’m going to f– stab you! Get your fat a– and get him."

"I’m not watching him today, you’re f– stupid," the woman yells.

"So you’re just going to throw him at me?" the man replies.

"I’m not going to watch him today after what you did," the woman snaps back as the man asks her to stop.
Another portion appears to have Portwood and Glennon arguing over security cameras. Glennon had them installed in their Indiana home to keep an eye on things while they were in Los Angeles. The woman in the audio complains about the cameras, yelling, "You have cameras in my f– room, dude! You have cameras everywhere. What kind of life is that."

"Babe, we were traveling, that’s why it was in the bedroom,” the man explains. "Babe I love you more than life itself."

"You’re a little f– p–. I bet you if you got in trouble you’d sit there and take on 30 people! Yeah, you would. Because you’d get raped," the woman replied.

The man asked the woman what she meant by that. The woman then goes on to complain about the cameras, saying that no one would have them in their home in a "regular relationship."

"It’s only because I’m on television that you even f– do that. You’re a scummy little b–," the woman replied.

At this point, the man accuses the woman of attacking him.

"I wasn’t attacking you Andrew! I will do whatever I f– please," the woman said. "I am five foot f– two and for you to sit there and say I f– attacked you, I will not do this s– again. I have lawyers up the ass!”
The man told the woman it was "really scary" for her to threaten him.

“You are really dumb, OK?” the woman responded. “For you to even say that is stupid, and r– and you’re an idiot but I will. You should not have woke me up this morning. I told you a million times!”

During the Teen Mom OG reunion, Portwood denied going after Glennon. She reportedly threatened him with a machete during the incident on July 5.

"I literally opted out of a drug court a long time ago to put myself in prison to help myself... Why would I jeopardize... you haven't heard s— from me since then, haven't gotten in trouble one time," Portwood told Dr. Drew Pinksy. "But all of a sudden I'm running after him with a machete? You're insane."


While Teen Mom OG is on its hiatus, MTV is airing Teen Mom 2 at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesdays.

Photo credit: Getty Images