'Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee Shares Touching Story of Her Parents' Love, Faith Ahead of Mom Angie's Death

After a long battle with cancer, Angie Douthit passed away on Monday. The mother of Teen Mom alum Mackenzie McKee had learned of her disease back in January of 2018. McKee had constantly kept fans updated on her mother's fight throughout the duration and posted an emotional tribute to her on Instagram shortly after the announcement.

"Momma [Angie Douthit] has crossed the finish line," McKee wrote. "She did not lose the battle, she [won]. She is healed and running in heaven in eternity. Idk anyone who left earth with such an impact.

"Your entire life you never [wasted] a chance to let the world know Gods love. When we would try to brag on what an amazing person you are you would respond with 'it’s not me, it’s God.'"

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Afterwards, McKee continued to use her social media to shine a spotlight on her mother and all of her successes.

She posted a photo of her mother and father during a church service where she referred to her a "Christ-like example." She began the caption with an excerpt from Exodus 17:12.

"Mom has been a Christ-like example to many people ever since she got saved. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She is obedient to her Savior. She led dad to the Lord a long time ago."

The writing continued, "Since then, mom has been a faithful Christ-like example to dad. When mom got sick, she was very weak and it was hard for her to raise her hands. So anytime she would worship and have the desire to raise her hands, she would grab dads hand and he would help her lift her arm up to worship."

McKee has frequently spoken about her parent's relationship and how supportive her father has been through the trying times. She goes on in the post to share how he has built a stronger relationship in faith while he watched his wife "share the Gospel with the world."


She explains how the family has seen tremendous growth in their father's handling of the situation from the day Douthit was first diagnosed to her final days.

"When mom first got sick, dad shut down and it was hard for him to even talk. Yesterday when we worshipped together, mom was too weak to move. Dad grabbed her hand and lifted it in the air so she could worship. Instead of how dad acted two years ago, he has been able to lead us toward Christ. People are watching you. Be that example of Christ."