'Teen Mom' Star Kailyn Lowry's 'Pantry' Photo Sparks Strong Reaction From Fans

Kailyn Lowry may have a freshly organized pantry, but it is doing little to fend off the haters. On Tuesday, the Teen Mom 2 star took to Twitter to show off her stellar organizational skills, sharing a photo of her extremely tidy pantry with everything in its proper place. While the image certainly evoked plenty of envy from fans craving organization on par with Lowry’s, the image also sparked plenty of backlash over everything from the contents of the pantry to the reality star’s environmental impact.

Some fans couldn’t help but point out how unhealthy the food in the pantry was, with some slamming her for the “overly processed food.”

“But it’s full of overly processed food!” one person wrote, an opinion that many seemed to agree with. “I hope you have another pantry with healthy snacks. Please don’t take my comment as a judgement it’s just an observation.”

Others couldn’t help but comment on the amount of single use plastics in Lowry’s pantry, criticizing her for having such a negative environmental impact.

“This is great organization but the plastic water bottles are KILLING me and this earth,” one person wrote.

While some fans couldn’t help but praise Lowry’s organizational skills, they also took the opportunity to slam her over another controversial choice she has made in the past: not getting her children vaccinated. In June, the Teen Mom star admitted that she had chosen not to get her 4-year-old son Lux vaccinated, stating that she was “ignorant and didn’t do research” when she allowed her older son to be vaccinated. The controversy surrounding the decision is still fresh on fans’ minds.

“Awesome! Now schedule appointments for vaccines since you have some free time,” one fan commented on the pantry post.

Lowry’s organizational skills again faced backlash when, on Wednesday, Sept. 18, she shared photos of her freshly organized closet.

Just as with the pantry, some of Lowry’s 1.4 million Twitter followers took issue with the images and didn’t shy away from bringing up past controversies.

“I’m not seeing the bras you wear as a shirt when you go out. Like this one,” one person wrote alongside an image of the MTV star.

“You really do need constant validation to feel happy with yourself,” another commented, adding the hashtag “sad.”


“Why you need so many black leggings? Plan on not doing laundry for a couple months ? [Laughing out loud],” another questioned.

Thankfully, Lowry seems to be paying the haters little attention, as she has not responded to any of the backlash.