'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Faces Backlash After Burning Kailyn Lowry Products in Backyard

She's no stranger to backlash, but Jenelle Evans is facing it again Friday after posting a video of herself lighting fire to a gift from Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry.

Lowry sent Evans a "peace offering" gift containing several products from her Pothead hair care line, but Evans was in no mood for it after Lowry had spoken out about Evans' husband, David Eason.

"Kail Lowry , for years you’ve been super jealous and envious of all us girls on the show. You try to make your way into the group, then turn into a mean ass person when it came down to me," Evans wrote in the caption of the fiery video. "You apologize on/off, claim I need to be apologizing sometimes, then talk s— constantly about me and my husband to the tabloids?!"

"THEN you had the balls to send me a PEACE GATHERING GIFT?! Don’t send me gifts and then go talk s— AGAIN!!! Wow, you’re an idiot cuz this is what I do for gifts sent from fake ass b—es like you," she wrote, adding a shrugging girl emoji as well as a middle finger emoji. "Stay [out] of my life, go worry about your own."

Evans pours gasoline on the hair care products, then says, "Hey Kail, this is to your peace offering," before lighting the line of gasoline on fire and scurrying out of the way.

Teen Mom fans called Evans out for her outlandish behavior and made jokes about the situation, especially considering how calmly Lowry handled Evans' reaction.

"@KailLowry Jenelle thinks your new hair line is lit!" one Twitter user wrote, adding the hashtag #burn.

"We all know Jenelle emptied the product into other containers before she set the bottles on fire. She low key is going to use that s— on her hair," another cracked.

"Is she not describing herself in the caption?" someone else tweeted.

"She's officially lost it!" another person said.

"Jenelle must need her diaper changed or her bottle refilled bc she's acting like a child," another said.

In a follow-up post, Evans wrote on her Instagram Story that because she and Eason "live in the country on our own land" that there were "no rules" preventing her from burning the items in the video. But one Twitter user called her out, posting a screenshot from North Carolina's website saying it's "always illegal to burn trash and other non-vegetative materials."

"Jenelle thinks because they own their own land that there's no rules or laws that apply to them. But there is," the Twitter user wrote. "Wouldn't it be a shame if the county found out they burn non brush?"

Lowry retweeted a few fans' reaction to the situation, playing it cool for the most part. She even initiated a flash sale of her Pothead products on her website, encouraging customers to use the word "lit."

When one Twitter user asked how much of her product she sold since Evans posted the video, Lowry wrote, "I'm almost sold out."

Evans' video came as a result of her being offended that Lowry called Eason "unstable," among other things, on her podcast Coffee Convos with Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley. Eason had recently posted a politically-charged video showing himself at target practice, which prompted a visit from Secret Service agents.

"Thanks for the visit from your @secretservice friends today @realdonaldtrump," Eason posted after the agents had left. "I told them how much I like you except the fact you want to ban bump stocks and take guns away from people just because someone 'red flagged' them. Then I told them to get the f— out of my house and dont ever come pass my trespassing signs again. Like holy s—, I thought your people were all about border security. Well there is a border around my land that is protected from intruders by lethal force also, just like your house. Dont expect my gate to ever be open again. I hope and pray that nobody ever tries to trespass on my property as they will be met with fire and fury, the likes of which they have never seen before."

"I definitely think that David is a danger to people, all people, his children and wife included," Lowry said on her podcast. "I definitely saw what was on his Instagram Story and I couldn't even watch it in its entirety because I was so just like kind of blown away and taken aback by it."

She added that she tried to reach out to Evans but that she had changed her phone number and blocked her on Twitter.


"Basically what I saw, was that he hashtagged [President Donald] Trump and [U.S. House of Representatives Democratic leader] Nancy Pelosi , I think, and was shooting, you know, at targets and stuff like that," Lowry said on the podcast. "I definitely think that he's unstable and I reached out to a producer on the show and asked if we had confirmation that Jenelle was OK and I never got an answer on that. He, I think, is going to set himself up to get into a lot of trouble. The whole situation is really unfortunate and sad because you can hear the kids in the background of him, like shooting at whatever he's shooting at."

Eason was fired by MTV earlier this year for posting a trans- and homophobic Twitter rant. This fall, Evans accused him of domestic violence but quickly recanted her accusation after dismissing it as a "drunk" incident.