'Teen Mom': Farrah Abraham's Mom Accused of Elder Abuse

Teen Mom fans are familiar with former star Farrah Abraham's contentious relationship with her mother Debra Danielsen. For nearly a decade, viewers watched as the two struggled to repair their often estranged relationship. Though Abraham leaned on her mother for help with her daughter Sophia, Abraham resented her mother for allegedly forcing her to keep her pregnancy with Sophia under wraps from Sophia's father. Sophia's father died in a car accident, leaving Abraham as a single mother by default. Abraham also accused her mother of being abusive and controlling.

Now, Danielsen is in the news for allegedly financially abusing elders. Danielsen's own mother, Carmella, 84, recently filed for an order of protection against Danielsen, 63, accusing Danielsen of being "mentally and financially abusive," per The Sun. The petition was filed in June and was triggered by an argument between the mother and daughter, and Danielsen's husband David.

In Carmella's filings, she details what she says occurred on June 16. "Debra showed up to my residence with her husband, David. She tried getting into my home but I locked the door because I am afraid of her from all the recent things I have found out," Carmella states. "They were both very angry and confronted my granddaughter, Ashley, in my yard because they wanted in the house to discuss me filing fraud on the Roth IRA account (as suggested by Fidelity Financial).

She says that after her granddaughter called the police, David turned his anger toward Ashley and threatened her. Police forced the two to leave Carmella's home and now all communication with Ashley can be done via email only. 

Per Carmella, Danielsen is guilty of opening a "Roll Over Roth IRA account in my name at Fidelity Financial valued at approx. $40,000." Carmella was unaware that the account was a joint one with her name listed on the policy. "I was not aware that she was using any money I had leftover from my small, fixed income, to fund this Roth IRA," Carmella wrote.

Carmella says Danielsen has been telling her that she doesn't have any real income. As a result, she says she's had to rely on Danielsen for her basic needs. "I was made to believe that I was completely and totally broke, as that has been what Debra has been telling me for years," she says in the filing. "I would have to ask her for permission to purchase essentials for myself, such as food or clothing, even though I am retired and have a pension and social security money coming into two joint checking accounts that Debra has opened at Fidelity Financial with survivorship rights also in her name." 

Now, Carmella says she's been left penniless. Her assets, including her name, are currently left to her granddaughter Ashley. But Carmella says Danielsen has been trying to coerce her into signing her property over to her. She says Danielsen is in deep debt and believes she wants her money to aid in her lifestyle. Furthermore, she believes Danielsen has mental health issues. 

A judge granted Carmella with the order of protection against Danielsen. Under the order, which is valid for a year, Danielsen cannot "abuse, harass, intimidate, molest, interfere with, or menace" Carmella. She is also banned from Carmella's property.


Danielsen says it's all a misunderstanding, telling the media outlet: "Trust me, it's incorrect and wrong. It's not real. I will not comment on it because it is inaccurate, incorrect and wrong. I am not giving one minute of time to things that are wrong."

Abraham was recently invited to be part of the Teen Mom crossover spinoff special. She's also recently been in the news regarding her trying to obtain a college degree.