'Teen Mom': Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis Reveal If They Signed a Prenup

Teen Mom OG's Cheyenne Floyd has revealed the truth about signing a prenuptial agreement before her marriage. After tying the knot with Zach Davis on Sept. 29, the reality star and her husband took to their YouTube channel on Tuesday to host a Q&A session with fans. Floyd, 30, discussed her marriage and her plans for future children. In response to a question about signing a prenup before marrying Davis, 32, she said: "I didn't." Looking at her husband, Floyd joked: "Did you?" The two burst into laughter as he replied: "No, I did not. "No, we didn't sign a prenup," Davis affirmed, as the mother of two explained: "No, we did not. We talked about a prenup if we wanted to do one or not, and we decided not to."

Floyd also addressed rumors that she and Davis will have another child during the Q&A. She already shares her five-year-old daughter Ryder with her ex, Cory Wharton, and her one-year-old son Ace with Zach. According to the California native, there are no plans for another child; if one comes about, it will be a huge "accident."I'm gonna put it out right now, if we were to have another baby, it was not planned," Floyd said. "Don't let me lie to y'all and say that it was planned because if we were to get pregnant again, it was not in the plans. All right? It would be a complete 'oh my God, what the f—' situation, I'm just saying."I would drop and turn in my grave, oh my God," Davis added.

Nevertheless, Floyd recently revealed on her Think Loud Crew podcast that she and Zach are seriously considering adopting a child. "We've talked about adopting when Ace is closer to Ryder's age now, but adopting an older child," Floyd said. "The statistics of a black male over the age of like a baby getting adopted are very low. We've talked about adopting someone in between the age of seven to 15. "And we've started doing our research because sometimes adoptions can take years depending on the case, or the age, or the circumstances," she added, stating that they purposely added an extra bedroom to their home. "The intention is that one day the upstairs bedroom would be for another child," Floyd said on the podcast.