'Teen Mom OG' Cast Member Tyler Baltierra Under Fire for Use of Racial Slur

Tyler Baltierra had some explaining to do after using a racial slur in a Snapchat video this weekend.

The Teen Mom OG cast member used the n-word while describing the size of a crowd in a video he posted to his Snapchat story and was quickly called out by enraged fans.

Fans tweeted out the video, asking when his "trifling a--" would respond to people calling him out for his unacceptable language.

Baltierra quickly responded, apologizing for his use of the word while saying he was trying to take a "mental break" after his wife Catelynn entered treatment after having suicidal thoughts this weekend.

"This 'trifling a--' does have some explaining to do," he tweeted. "I am a complete inconsiderate prick who made a mistake while attempting to take a mental break after dealing with everything. I deserve any hate you all give me, so lay it on me."

Fans weren't having the apology. Many were upset, thinking the MTV cast member was blaming his inappropriate behavior on his wife's recent issues.

Photo credit: Instagram/@TylerBaltierraMTV