'Teen Mom' Bristol Palin Reaches 'Breaking Point' in Dakota Meyer Divorce in New Clip

Bristol Palin's divorce from ex Dakota Meyer isn't going as smoothly as she would have hoped.In a [...]

Bristol Palin's divorce from ex Dakota Meyer isn't going as smoothly as she would have hoped.

In a clip titled, "Bristol's Breaking Point," from Monday's episode of Teen Mom OG, the MTV star opens up to mom Sarah Palin about the troubles she's been having with Meyer since the two decided to call off their marriage. Fans will remember that last week, Meyer moved all of his ex's belongings from her bedroom into the guest room.

"When I came back to Texas, Dakota had moved all my stuff into the guest bedroom," she told her mom, who replied, "Of course that was a symbolic thing."

"100 percent," Palin agreed. "I'm not comfortable with stuff like that, and I know that in my divorce it says I can stay in the house for a year, but it's tough on the kids. Can you imagine [9-year-old son Tripp] coming home from California and seeing his mom's stuff gone out of her room?"

"That's heartbreaking, Bristol," Sarah responded.

Palin added that she had received angry phone calls from the former Marine asking for his wedding ring back, which the Dancing With the Stars alum called "so petty."

"He literally said 'You better get your mommy's money because I'm gonna fight you tooth and nail until the girls are 18,'" Palin said of another conversation she had with Meyer over their two daughters together, 1-year-old Atlee and 2-year-old Sailor.

After Tripp's brief stint on Dancing With the Stars: Juniors, Palin said she asked his father, ex Levi Johnston, if the little boy could stay with him in Alaska for a few days, "just so I can figure out my living situation in Austin. Because I refuse to let Tripp go to Austin under these circumstances."

"And that's a perfect attitude," Sarah replied. "You know you have a choice as to how you're going to react to these circumstances. So does he though."

The early days of their divorce had been worrying Palin about her longterm ability to co-parent with Meyer.

"The thing that I worry about is how are we going to learn to communicate as co-parents and putting our kids first and not having these petty arguments or going through our attorneys on pointless stuff that's costing us both money," she said.

It's at this moment that Sarah begins to cry. "Fricking A, even if the rest of the world doesn't know, your family knows who you are and what you have within you," she told BPalin. "You have everything going for you to start anew."

But will Meyer and Palin be able to start anew together for the sake of their kids?

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV