'Teen Mom' Alum Chelsea Houska Receives Criticism Over Her New 'Obsession'

Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska is turning her sights to a new passion after departing the MTV show. According to The Sun, Houska and her husband, Cole DeBoer, have taken up landscaping and have been showcasing their progress on social media. However, some fans apparently aren't as into their new "obsession" as they are.

On Instagram, Houska has been showcasing all of the updates for her new farmhouse, which she has been in the process of decorating. She has reportedly been working on the farmhouse since January of 2020. The reality star told her fans that she and her husband bought a ton of new plants to decorate the area. She showcased how DeBoer was loading up the trunk of their car with plants and decorative pots as she explained that she was "obsessed" with the new pieces that they secured for their home. Although, The Sun noted that Houska has, unfortunately, received some negative comments about her decor.

Apparently, fans have been calling Houska's design choices "ugly" or "boring." When it comes to the decor inside her home, the Teen Mom alum went with a minimalist, animal print aesthetic. But, some of her fans have criticized her taste, as they called her design choices "plain." Even though there are some who have shared their own, unfiltered thoughts about Houska's home, she seems to be very happy with how everything is turning out. It's nice to see the former MTV personality in a good place, particularly after her departure from Teen Mom 2. In November, she confirmed that she was departing the series after 10 seasons. To announce the news, Houska took to Instagram to share a lengthy message about how she and her family decided that they would be leaving Teen Mom behind. She also noted that fans will still be able to follow their journey in the future.


"MTV's Teen Mom 2 has been a big part of my life for almost 11 years," she wrote at the time. "After much thought and discussion with my family and friends, Cole and I have decided that this season will be our last. We are forever thankful to MTV and our crew, who are like family to us. We're parting on the best of terms and will stay in touch long after this. We're proud to have been able to share our story and are so grateful to the fans who have followed our journey from the beginning." Houska added, "Please tune into our last moments on the show and continue to follow along our journey on social media. We are so excited for this next phase of our lives and hope you all will be a part of it in some way!" Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.