'Teen Mom 2' Special Reveals Briana DeJesus' Long-Lost Brother

Teen Mom 2 may have wrapped up its season and its two-part reunion one week ago, but the MTV series isn’t leaving its fans without an episode. Tuesday saw a special Teen Mom 2: Briana’s Family Secret drop a major bomb on the single mother.

Ahead of the episode, MTV dropped a clip that shows Briana with her daughter, Stella, at their townhome getting ready to start the day. That’s when DeJesus receives a notification on one of her Instagram photos about her parents. A user commented, asking her if that was her father and that he knows him. DeJesus’ sister, Brittany, is also in the room with her. She then reads off the comment, which later identifies her brother as Kevin, “I actually know him. He’s my cousin’s father. I don’t know if you knew but you have a brother.” She aimlessly stares off in the distance contemplating whether or not there is any truth to this remark. Kevin claims her brother is 14-years-old and resides in New York and that he’s aware of her because of Teen Mom 2.

Another clip that MTV previously shared saw DeJesus’ mother, Roxanne, being questioned about the revelation. She said the two never meant to hide the information from their daughters, viewing it as more of a way to protect them from the reality of their situation. DeJesus, her sister and her mother headed to Orlando, Florida, after leaving New York City in 2004. After going over the numbers in her head, she realized that it was one year before her supposed secret brother was born.

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DeJesus, who has two daughters and has been on the show since the eighth season, didn’t seem to as fazed by the shocking news as some others may have been. She told In Touch Weekly that she was “happy” to discover she had another sibling after sharing that they eventually met up and spent time together. In addition to learning about her brother, she also discovered he had two sisters, as well.

All of the drama can be watched during Tuesday’s Teen Mom 2 episode that airs on MTV at 8 p.m. ET. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by CBS Interactive, a division of ViacomCBS.