'Teen Mom 2': Leah Messer's Instagram Post Has Fans Worried Show Is Ending

Teen Mom 2 has been a staple on MTV for quite some time now. But, one of Leah Messer's recent Instagram posts has made some fans wonder whether the show is coming to an end, per The Sun. The post in question involves Messer telling her fans that it's been a "hella journey" over the past 12 years. She also mentioned that she's currently looking towards the future and what may be on her plate next.

The Teen Mom 2 cast recently sat down to film the reunion for the series. Messer posted a photo in which she and her co-star Kailyn Lowry can be seen posing with the hosts of the Teen Mom 2 reunions, Dr. Drew Pinsky and Nessa Diab. She captioned the post by writing that it's been a "journey" over the past 12 years of filming the show. The reality star continued, "What could we possibly be up to next @kaillowry ?! I love you so much and glad I was able to make it to NYC for 12 hours." Messer's emotional caption has left some fans wondering whether the show is coming to an end. Additionally, there are others who have been questioning whether her post was a way to indicate that she and Lowry, who are both original cast members, are departing the show.

"The show must be ending," one fan wrote in the comments section along with a teary-eyed emoji. Another wrote, "Are you guys quitting the show?!" Alas, there has been nothing to indicate that Teen Mom 2 is coming to an end. On that note, neither Messer nor Lowry have said that they are leaving Teen Mom 2. So, while Messer's post sparked up a ton of speculation, it should be noted that nothing has been reported about their future with the series (or the show's future, in general) just yet.

Currently, on Teen Mom 2, Messer has been dealing with a very serious matter. During the premiere episode, she explained that she found a lump in her breast, which she promptly got checked out. Ahead of the episode, Messer spoke with PopCulture.com about filming her health scare, and she admitted that she was a bit "fearful" about chronicling the moment. But, she added that she wanted the situation to serve as an "educational message" to all of Teen Mom 2's viewers. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.