'Teen Mom 2' Star Leah Messer Calls out Fan for Shady Comment About New Photo

Leah Messer isn't taking haters to heart. The Teen Mom 2 star quickly shut down a troll on one of her latest glam shots after they insinuated she only posted photos on Instagram to get a confidence boost from strangers. Showing off her stylish fall look during a "FaceTime photoshoot," Messer captioned the picture she posted Wednesday, "Embody the true essence of your soul."

It was clear some people weren't taking the message to heart, however, with one follower commenting, "Does it boost your self-confidence when so many people tell you how pretty you are? Is that why you post pics of yourself, do you really need all that?" as first reported by InTouch Weekly, urging Messer to "be natural" in a hashtag.

Messer was quick to respond to the critic, who quickly deleted their comment after the clapback. "I personally enjoy dressing up and providing good quality content for my followers," Messer wrote. "You can unfollow me if you'd like because the opinion of you or anyone else is irrelevant to my growth, love. ...I think uplifting and empowering everyone is something we can evidently benefit more from."

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Messer also responded to a person who asked about her caption, asking, "But do they really embody the true essence of their soul? Good question because there was a time I did not … I allowed my anxiety, trauma, depression, and unconscious beliefs to control my way of living. But when I embody the true essence of living in wholeheartedness, self-acceptance, love and light. It changed the entire trajectory of my sense of soul and purpose."

At the end of August, the Hope, Grace & Faith author explained to PopCulture that sharing her struggles with substance abuse and mental health in her new book "close out the chapters of [her] life there." Part of that journey, she added, included being honest with her daughters — 7-year-old Adalynn and 10-year-olds Aliannah and Aleeah — about what has happened in her past.


"My girls are getting ready to go into middle school, and there's nothing I would want to hide from them," she said at the time. "I'm not perfect; they're not going to be perfect. We're all imperfectly perfect. ...Even with addiction, I want them to understand what can happen if they go down that path and how scary it can be."