'Teen Mom 2': Leah Messer and Ex Jeremy Calvert Have Heated Conversation About Her Abortion Reveal

Leah Messer had quite the reveal on Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom 2. The mom of three opened up to the camera, explaining how the miscarriage she went through previously wasn’t exactly what she said it to be. Messer explained on Teen Mom 2 that she had actually gone through with an abortion but was not comfortable sharing that with the world, or even her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, so she decided to use a miscarriage as a cover.

When she was going through with this difficult decision, she was dating Calvert but was also still in touch with her ex, Corey Simms. “I was ashamed of the choice I made and that I allowed others to influence my decision making at the time,” Messer told the producer, noting that she let Simms get in her head, alluding that he had something to do with the decision. Messer, who recently said she is "sad" to see co-star Chelsea Houska walk away from Teen Mom 2, spoke about how getting an abortion in West Virginia is “very controversial,” and because of this, she did not want to share this with anyone.

At the time, she didn’t even disclose this information to Calvert. She said she told him it was a miscarriage, as well, and admitted that it was a mistake, noting that she still feels “guilt” about following through with the cover-up with Calvert. “I thought I was going to hell, I thought I was burning to death for the rest of my life, that I would never be forgiven,” Messer went on to say. She began to wonder what Calvert would think of her had she told him what she had done, even going as far to feel as though he would think she was a “murderer.”

As the episode continued, she informed the viewers that she eventually told Calvert about the abortion when they were going through with their divorce. The two attempted to talk about it in front of the camera, but Calvert clearly was not ready to get into the touchy subject. He shot down her offer to go into that topic, “I don’t want to talk about it.” Calvert attempted to brush the conversation to the side, telling her he had not brought it up after she first told him about it.

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