Kailyn Lowry Warns Jenelle Evans During ‘Teen Mom 2’ Feud: ‘I’m Coming For You!’

Kailyn Lowry is laying down the law with her Teen Mom 2 castmate Jenelle Evans.

The two MTV personalities have been feuding for a long time, but things really popped off recently when Evans' husband, David Eason, criticized Teen Mom 2 personality Leah Messer for allowing her daughter to wear makeup during a cheerleading competition.

Since then, Lowry has defended her friend on social media, and even mentioned during her podcast, Coffee Convos, that she was trying to stay away from Evans at the upcoming reunion filming so as to avoid any kind of violence.

She opened up about the feud to Radar Sunday, saying, "Let's first start by saying Jenelle creates her own drama and then blames everyone else.There have been multiple times over the years where Jenelle will remove herself from set or have a meltdown resulting in not being in pictures or whatever. Then she will throw a fit saying we bully her or don't include her."

She also mentioned Evans' alliance with new cast member Briana DeJesus, with whom Lowry has also had issues.

"Then when they added a fifth girl who has beef with people, Jenelle immediately 'has her back,' which is cool, do that," Lowry said. "But then don't turn around when Chelsea, Leah and I have been close the whole time. Of course we are going to have each other's backs."

She closed with a thinly-veiled threat towards her castmate, saying, "I'm not going to think twice, if you talk about their kids, I'm coming for you. Keep the kids out of it."

Evans, meanwhile, defended her husband in a rant on her Instagram Story.

"David went to Leah's Instagram account and commented on her daughter's cheerleading makeup. To me it looks pretty heavy, to my friends it looked heavy, so David was the only one who commented on it. He commented on some cheerleading makeup, and you guys are sending him death threats. Do you understand how wrong that is?" she said.

She also threw insults at Lowry.

"So now you have The Hulk, aka Kail. I think it's really funny you always have to butt in on people's drama. How many times do you have to comment on something that has to do with me? It's crazy," she said. "This all started because Kail wanted to start a podcast and everyone decided they wanted to go on there and talk s— about me and Davis, so I'm going to say what I want to like everyone else does."


Teen Mom 2 returns to MTV on Monday, May 7 at 9 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: MTV