'Teen Mom 2' Kailyn Lowry Says Jenelle Evans Should Be Fired After Gun Incident

Kailyn Lowry believes that her Teen Mom 2 co-star Jenelle Evans has gone too far after reports surfaced that she pulled a gun during a traffic incident last week, and that she should be taken off the air once and for all.

Evans reportedly pulled a gun on another driver on Thursday after a confrontational crash. She said that her son, Jace, was in the car with her, and that she was fearful for his safety.

Lowry reportedly believes that the violent outburst in unacceptable no matter what. A source close to Lowry told Radar Online that the 26-year-old plans to address the incident on next week's episode of her podcast, Coffee Convos with Kailyn Lowry & Lindsie Chrisley.

"All of this Jenelle drama will be a topic on next week's podcast," the insider assured reporters. "Kail and Lindsie both feel like Jenelle should be fired from Teen Mom 2 immediately. The ladies just think that no one should be able to go slinging guns, around especially with children in the car.

"She thinks that this is just so wrong on so many levels, and MTV should be forced to get rid of her!"

The insider told reporters that Lowry freaked out upon hearing about the incident, horrified for the sake of Evan's children.

"Kail's first reaction when she heard the news was, 'Jenelle is done.' And she still feels that way."

After reports of Lowry's comments were published, Evan's husband, David Eason, went after her in a post on Facebook.

"So I guess Kailyn Lowry got her keyboard so greasy from Cheetos that her finger slipped and said some tough guy s— about me and my wife. Apparently her plastic surgeon filled her head with the same shit he filled her a— with," he wrote.

Unphased, Lowry shot back at Eason in a tweet, writing "Cheetos are def not my chip of choice. I think I'd prefer, like, Pringles or something." She later posted a short video clip of herself shaking a bag of Cheetos tauntingly at the camera.


Eason was fired from the cast of Teen Mom 2 recently after he made a number of homophobic comments on social media. He and Evans have been combative with their co-stars in the past, and last week their feud with Lowry reached a boiling point when she said that she was prepared to"throw down" with both of them on her podcast.

In her account of the accident, Evans reportedly omitted the detail about the gun. She claimed that the other driver was at fault.