'Teen Mom 2': Kailyn Lowry Jokes About Jenelle Evans Destroying Her Peace Offering in New Clip

Kailyn Lowry doesn't seem to have taken Jenelle Evans' fiery rejection of friendship to heart.

In a sneak peek clip from Monday's all-new episode of Teen Mom 2, Lowry opens up to her friend Becky Hayter about the upcoming launch of her Pothead hair care line.

"People don't know how to RSVP, so I don't know who's coming, who's not coming," Lowry admitted of the launch party approaching quickly. "I invited [ex Chris Lopez], but I don't know if he'll actually come. I don't know, I guess well just see who shows up."

Lowry was nervous that the product line would be successful, telling Hayter, "Fingers crossed that it takes off, because I invested my whole savings into it."

Having her half-sister Mikaila Shelburne attend the party was an extra excitement and stressor, she added: "Well, hopefully my sister will love [the product] too."

"Hopefully she will like it more than Jenelle did," Hayter joked, to which Lowry responded, "My sister can't get me sales like Jenelle did, so that's fine."

As fans of the MTV show will remember, last week's explosive episode centered around Evans' extreme response to Lowry sending her a sample of her hair care, setting the gift on fire and sharing a video of it on the internet.

"You're gonna go talk s— about my husband after you just sent me a peace gathering (sic) gift?" Evans asked a producer after the video went viral. "Are you serious? She doesn't have any reason to hate [husband David Eason]. So, I was like, that's it! David grab the gasoline, we're setting this s— on fire."

While she admitted to wanting to "hurt [Lowry's] feelings," the Coffee Convos co-host was actually excited about the press the incident had brought to her product line ahead of its launch.

"I was kind of pumped," she told Hayter at the time of the video. "I've had $10,000 in sales today because of her post. I should write her a f—ing check."

She was a little miffed at Evans rebuffing her due to their past, however.

"I really, truly stuck up for her the most out of everyone in the beginning," she continued. "I bailed her out of jail, I called out of work one day when she was strung out on drugs; I drove to Jersey and took her to the airport, because she was strung out on f—ing heroin or who the f— knows."

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.


Photo credit: MTV