'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Claps Back at Fan Asking If She's 'Lesbian Again'

Kailyn Lowry is laughing off a fan's attempt to pin down her sexuality after the Teen Mom 2 star shared a tweet insinuating there's a special lady in her life. The MTV star had fans speculating there had been a recent development in the romance department over the weekend, writing, "She like how I smell, cologne," cryptically on the social media site.

"Are you a lesbian again?" one of her followers responded to the tweet, adding, "No judgement, just asking!"

Snarking back, Lowry retweeted the question, adding a sarcastic, "Yeah, that's how it works lol."

Kailyn Lowry lesbian tweet
(Photo: Twitter/Kailyn Lowry)

While some people wondered why the question would induce an eye roll from the reality personality, others pointed out the fairly reductive premise it was based on.

"She's attracted to men and women. Fairly sure this makes her bisexual," one follower responded. "Don't understand why that's such a strange concept to some people? Or why people think it's their business. #loveislove"

"I don't like when people think attraction is something you can just turn off and on," another added.

Lowry has gotten countless questions about her sexuality over the years, as she's been in serious relationships with and had three children with men, but been open about being attracted to and on dates with women.

Recently, she shared a YouTube video titled Assumptions About Me, in which she said she doesn't label herself when it comes to her sexuality.

"Sometimes people feel comfortable in labels, and they prefer to say, 'I'm gay' or I'm a lesbian' or 'I'm bisexual,'" Lowry said. "Some people like that and some people feel secure in that. But for me, I just love people, and it's whoever I fall in love with."

She also responded to rumors that she sleeps around in the video, saying, "This is funny to me because I see why people would get that impression or assume that. I get it. If you literally ask the people closest to me, even guys that I hang out with, they will tell you. I don't sleep with them."


Photo credit: MTV