'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Welcomes New Family Member: 'I'm a Mom All Over Again'

Jenelle Evans is a "new mom all over again" — this time to a couple of adorable little chicks.

(Photo: Instagram / @j_evans1219)

The Teen Mom 2 star showed off her fluffy new family members via Instagram this week, revealing that they're Silkie chickens.

"I'm a new mom all over again!" Evans, 27, wrote in the caption of a gallery of photos with her new birds, adding the hashtags, "Home Steading" and "Farm Life."

"They are Silkies. We also have Buff Orpingtons and White Leghorns," she said.

Silkie chickens are named for their fluffy plumage, which — you guessed it — feels like silk. Other unique qualities, like the bird's black skin and bones, blue earlobes and five toes on each foot (rather than four), set Silkies apart from other chicken breeds.

Evans' co-star, Briana DeJesus, wrote, "You really starting a farm," to which Evans replied, "Told you lol."

The mom of three, who shares daughter Ensley with husband David Eason and is also mom to Jace and Kaiser from previous relationships, ignited separation rumors from Eason earlier this year when she wrote on Facebook that she was "single [as f—]" and even changed her Facebook relationship status to "separated." What's more is that Eason also changed his own Facebook relationship status to "single."

However, it looks like the couple worked through whatever relationship issues they were having. In late February, Evans shared a video of the two of them hanging out together. In the brief clip, she can be heard telling Eason to hurry up and open the gate to their North Carolina home.

(Photo: Instagram/Jenelle Evans)

The married couple's relationship has been through major ups and downs recently, as the couple relives the drama of an altercation that occurred last fall and is currently airing in new episodes of Teen Mom 2.

After the drunken altercation, which ended with Evans going to the hospital, she told Us Weekly that she tripped over a hole in the backyard and that her husband fell on top of her.

"We had friends over and we had a bonfire and I tripped over a hole, and me and David were in the middle of arguing about something... I went and fell down, David wouldn't catch me, he tripped over the hole and we both fell down together," she told the magazine. "And right after it happened, we filmed about it and I was open and honest."

"I totally understand that. I was like, dude, I was drunk and when I get drunk, sometimes, I cry for no reason. I mean I was hurt, I'm not gonna lie about that," Evans continued. "Yeah, I hurt my shoulder. But I went to the doctor afterwards and it's just a sprain and I was fine."

Eason no longer appears on the MTV series after he was fired last year for posting a homophobic rant on social media in which he called gay people "dogs."


Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.