'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Says Husband 'Stands by His Views' After Homophobic Rant

Jenelle Evans continues to stand by her man after the Teen Mom 2 star's husband was fired from MTV following a homophobic Twitter rant.

During part two of the MTV reality series' reunion special Monday, Evans was asked by host Dr. Drew Pinsky about her husband's February social media rant, during which he called members of the LGBT community an "abomination" and "dogs."

When asked by Pinsky what people "should do" about Eason's hateful rant, Evans said, "He still feels the way he feels."

She continued, "He thinks he shouldn't have said it the way he said, but he still stands by his views. He deleted it right afterwards, he said he was sorry, and he still hasn't been on Twitter. He can still go online right now and rant all he wants, he still doesn't."

She told Pinksy that he "doesn't hate" members of the LGBT community, claiming, "He just says he just doesn't want his kids to grow up and be that way. Just like if you don't want your kids to grow up and, say, be a doctor ... some dads are just like that."

Evans continued to defend her husband, despite a skeptical Pinsky, saying if any of the three children they raise together comes out as LGBT, "he'd still love them" but wouldn't "support their lifestyle."

At the time of Eason's rant, MTV issued a statement reading: "David Eason's personal comments do not reflect the views of MTV. With six weeks left of production on Teen Mom 2, effective immediately, we are ending our relationship with him."

Since then, he has not appeared on the show except for a brief phone conversation with Evans during her shocking road rage incident. But Evans hasn't taken her husband's firing lying down. In the most recent Teen Mom 2 season finale, she threatened to quit filming the show herself if Eason wasn't allowed to be on screen with her.

"Yeah, David will film the next season or I'm not doing [the show], and I will go do my own f—ing thing, and I will get out of my contract," she told a producer. "Best believe, mark my f—ing words. I'm not doing it [without him]. That's my husband. He's going to be there forever. What do they think, I'm just going to break up with David so I can do the rest of the show? No. F— them. I'll go do my own thing. I have people offering me stuff from Netflix and Amazon right f—ing now. If people think that I'm going to travel without my security blanket there, then they're f—ing crazy. I'm not even comfortable being here in Wilmington without David, I'm really not."

Will Evans film for the upcoming season? Or is she off Teen Mom 2 for good?


Photo credit: MTV