'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Rants About Co-Star Kailyn Lowry on Instagram

Jenelle Evans is taking some serious jabs at her Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry.

In an Instagram question and answer session with fans Monday, Evans responded to a number of questions about her longtime MTV castmate, including when a fan called her out for saying the question function on Instagram Stories wasn't working for a time.

"How come you can't answer but [Lowry] literally did while you say 'it's not working' LIES," one fan wrote to Evans, who responded cheekily, "Uhm hello there [waving emoji]."

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(Photo: Instagram/Jenelle Evans)

And the comments about their relationship kept coming. When a fan remarked how the two went from being "so close" to openly antagonistic, asking, "did [Lowry] switch up or was it a friend fall out?"

Evans responded, "People change and it wasn't me [shrug emoji]."

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(Photo: Instagram/Jenelle Evans)

Other fans came for Lowry more directly, with one making comments about Lowry's bisexuality and past relationships not working out.

"Maybe she's confused about her sexuality [shrug emoji]," Evans replied.

But Lowry was quick to clap back at the comments about her sexual preferences, especially in light of Evans and her husband David Eason's past controversies when it comes to making homophobic comments.

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(Photo: Instagram/Jenelle Evans)

"How does one claim he/she is not homophobic but proceed to insult my sexuality in the same sentence? Asking for myself... [eye roll emoji," Lowry tweeted after she saw the Instagram Story.

The two MTV co-stars have gone back and forth over the years, sniping at each other on the show and on social media. But things really came to a head in October, when Evans went on a rant against her former friend on Instagram over some perceived slight.

"Dam Kail when the f— you going to stop writing about me and my family?!" Evans wrote at the time. "Don't get mad when the same happens to you."

"I really hope you're reconnecting with your mom because you f—ing need it," Evans added on another channel "You need someone to love you so you can stop fantasizing about other's lives and putting others down because you don't have the life you want. Sorry. Hope you find some peace and happiness."

In response, Lowry told Radar, "I'm flattered she's so bothered by me," adding she was joking. "She's gotta calm down. Out of everyone she's only bothered by me... and I'm not even writing about her. Jenelle only makes a big deal about me when something else is going on underneath it all."


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