'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle Evans' Moment With Son Kaiser Called 'Hard to Watch' by Fans

Jenelle Evans' "sweet moment" with 4-year-old son Kaiser is striking many Teen Mom 2 fans are just the opposite.

Ahead of Monday's all-new episode of the MTV reality show, the Teen Mom 2 official Twitter account released a sneak peek featuring Evans picking up her middle child from a weekend with dad Nathan Griffith, captioning it, "Kaiser is the cutest! Watch this sweet moment between [Jenelle Evans] and her Bubba from tonight's new Teen Mom 2 at 9/8c on [MTV]."

In the clip, the little boy bids goodbye to his dad and grandmother, running to give MTV security professional Andre a huge before agreeing to hug his mom. "Bye Daddy!" he yells as Evans embraces him.

When Evans asks how his weekend with his dad was, the little boy says it was good, adding, "And Dad said don't say bad stuff about you."

Before she buckles him in for the ride home, Kaiser asks, "Tomorrow, can we go to Daddy's?" to which Evans replies, "Not tomorrow. You can go next weekend."

"I might start crying for Daddy," Kaiser replies, seemingly upset.

After watching the clip, fans responded overwhelmingly that it was a bleak look into Evans' relationship with her son.

"That was hard to watch," one follower replied.

Another added, "There were no sweet moments between Jenelle and Kaiser! He wanted to hug everyone there except her!"

"That was a sweet moment between [Jenelle Evans] and Kaiser?" another questioned. "Nooo! that was a sweet moment between Nathan, his mom, and Andre [and] Kaiser. Kaiser wasn't happy to see her, nor did he want to go with her. Can't blame the kid. I'm nervous for every living thing in their house #TeenMom2."

"You can't try and sell us that Jenelle is a sweet loving mom, Kai wanted to hug the security before his Mom," another added.

Griffith and Evans are currently embroiled in tense custody battle over the 4-year-old after he alleges his son has confided in him that Evans' husband, David Eason, abuses him physically.

"I look at my son's butt and there are switch marks all across," Griffith explained earlier in the season after accusing Eason of hitting his son, adding that he asked Kaiser where they came from and that the little boy said, "David, he hit me with a stick."

After filing reports with Child Protective Services, Griffith and Evans underwent a largely unproductive supervised mediation session to discuss custody issues moving forward.

"Nathan's probably gonna use this stuff with the police to try and get more custody of something," Evans explained to her mother, saying that the marks on Kaiser came from a "slip n' slide" at her toddler's school. "Nathan is trying to do anything in his power to try and sabotage my husband."


Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV